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Saturday, June 13, 2009

War For Peace Inside Iran?

Background: The last sham election was boycotted by many people, so there was a low turnout. Possibly 20%, but I do not remember. Since Ahmadinejad 'won', the people of Iran have suffered greatly, especially the young and the women. He has strictly enforced Sharia law, no women can leave the house without their head covered, no alcohol, no music, no dancing, no affection in public ie. holding hands etc, no disrespect (speaking the truth about Ahmadinejad) about Ahmadinejad or the 'Supreme Leader', and many more rules. Also, many people in Iran believe (know) the only vote that counts, yes it is only one, is that of 'Supreme Leader' Khomenei. All other votes do not count, so elections in Iran are not as we know them here. They are a sham to appease the appeasable.

That being said, Ahmadinejad did not win this election. Do I have the facts, the ballots? No, I do not. Have I seen the documentation? No, I haven't. So how can I make such a statement? I am an American and we have a little thing called "FREE SPEECH" which, unfortunately, many people take for granted. They do not understand how rare God-given rights are. This way, governments cannot take these rights away, because they are not the ones from whence they came.

Back to the point. It was reported that 70%+ of the people showed up to vote on June 12, 2009. Would that many people show up to vote for someone they do not like? Would they show up for the same-old same-old, or would they show up for change? That is why I believe Moussavi won. When you refer to the first paragraph, would you vote for that? Neither would many Iranians, although some would I imagine. The mullahs (think of union bosses) and the intimidated.

There is an Iranian blogger who I follow, and he has written much about this. There are now riots in the streets, 20,000 people at last estimate, and the phone services have been cut off to the outside world. Please read these two articles of his: Infighting and Clashing. You may also follow him at Twitter: Winston80. That is what I will be doing shortly.

After you read those two articles, you may understand why I titled this post, 'war for peace inside Iran?'. The police (militias) have orders to shoot to kill the protesters. DO YOU NOW BELIEVE YOU ARE LUCKY AS ALL GET-OUT TO LIVE HERE? Can you imagine if President Bush gave those orders? I would have changed sides in an instant flat. No kidding. Government didn't give us the right to free speech, God did. Anyway, let me back off this rant.

Iranians protesting against election results 2009 - Part 02
by PasargadNewsAgency, June 13, 2009.

Hat tip: Winston. [The script in this video is giving me some trouble, so here is the link at YouTube so you can see it.]

I am very worried for the Iranian people right now. They are in grave danger. If you are a believing person (in God), please send up your prayers for these protesters and Iran along with me. There are many Christians in Iran, and they are our brothers and sisters in Christ. There are also Jewish people in Iran who are suffering very much. There are even people in Iran who do not believe in anything at all because of what they see. How can they believe when all they see is evil, desperation, hunger, etc? Pray for them as well to know God. Many organizations are sending Bibles and praying with them and for them. Thank you.

PS. Winston has written another post while I was writing this one. The title of it is Iran on Fire. Then Michael Ledeen: The Iranian Circus III and MSNBC are also covering this now. (Michael has been covering this for decades.)

The chanting you hear in that video above is the Iranian people saying, "Death to the Dictator!" [Update: Today, the 14, they are chanting 'We Want Freedom' as well!] They are even fighting with the police to get their friends back from their custody. This time, the air is different. The people are no longer afraid of the police, and the IRG and other militias have not shown up so far. Could this be the beginning of the end of the cruelty Iran has suffered by its own politicians? Time will tell, my dear friends. Let us pray.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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