Saturday, September 5, 2009

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And the saga continues. I am still posting from June, but I don't have that many to go (I hope!). Pretty soon I'll be in July. What is this? September? This is the reason I have not been posting as often as usual. Please give time to catch up. I do have quite a bit to say about what is happening, but I'm too busy being a part of history to write it down.

If I can some of my Long Beach Tea Party Patriots to help me with writing over at my new site, that would really help. This site is closed to only me. Sorry. I guess I am a little possesive. ;)

Well, here is some news that may have gone by unnoticed due to the fact that the media can't take their lips of the new president's backside long enough to look for news let alone write about it.

Oil market prompts shift in Iraqi security strategy. 6/8/09
Portuguese Navy thwarts pirate attack. 6/22/09
U.S., Iraq closer to meeting deadlines. 6/24/09
Kyrgyz parliament approves Manas Air Base agreement. 6/25/09.

Maine Fines Group for 'Inflammatory Anti-Muslim Message'. by Patrick Poole via ACT! For America.

Ronald Reagan.
A 10 minute reminder as to why we are fighting the forces to be this September 12th.

Please pass on this video to others. Email it, post it, or just keep listening to it until we have defeated this horrible bill(s) that is winding its way through Congress at our expense. If it passes, we shall have Liberty Lost Day as a national holiday, and it will be our fault for the failure to keep our country safe while our brave men and women are risky their lives to keep us free

To finish up this month of June, I have some videos for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Turning Japanese - Is the US Creating It's Own Lost Decade?
What if Government Ran Health Care? (Sprint Ad Remix).

The Evidence - Part 6/6.
The Evidence - Part 5/6.
The Evidence - Part 4/6.
The Evidence - Part 3/6.
The Evidence - Part 2/6.

VoteMcClintock. (A new but good one!)
Congressman McClintock: Time for Tough Love for California's Budget.
Rep. McClintock: Health Dangers of Tobacco? Risks of Smoking?

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