Sunday, December 6, 2009

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Obama congratulates Afghans on election. 8/21/09.
Nato reaffirms commitment to Afghanistan. 9/9/09.
McChrystal: Conventional strategy won't win in Afghanistan. 9/27/09.
Petraeus cites need to reverse insurgency. 10/7/09.

Iraqi Air Force assumes independent control of C-130 fleet. 9/30/09.
Iraqi troops disrupt kidnappers, save boy. 10/6/09.
Baghdad attacks on steady decline. 10/8/09.

Michael Yon.
Pedro Inspired the Vikings. 9/29/09.
A Story From War. 10/8/09.
Market Garden. 10/12/09.
Afghan Lunacy. 10/14/09.
Adopt-a-stan. 10/18/09.
Colors. 10/28/09.

Radio Free Asia.
Election Call From Former Aide. 9/24/09.

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