Saturday, January 9, 2010

News from Radio Free Asia 1/9/10

Below is a collection of articles and their links from Radio Free Asia. I like to learn and stay on top of the news behind the news across the ocean. I care about how other people are treated, especially when they are innocent. There is too much evil happening in this world because so few care to take a stand. This is despicable.

Two Get Death Sentences. 2010-01-08
Two Burmese defendants get death sentences for leaking news about a high-level visit to North Korea. [The rest of the story.]

Monk’s Followers Flee. 2010-01-07
Followers of an activist Vietnamese monk are forced underground. [The rest of the story.]

Returns Shock U.S. Hmong. 2010-01-07
Hmong abroad fear for relatives forcibly returned from Thailand to Laos. [The rest of the story.]

Filmmaker’s Family To Appeal. 2010-01-07
Relatives of a jailed Tibetan filmmaker hope they can afford a lawyer to appeal his sentence. [The rest of the story.]

China Jails Tibetan Filmmaker. 2010-01-06
The documentary 'Leaving Fear Behind' gets its producer a six-year prison term. [The rest of the story.]

Lead Pollution Harms Children. 2010-01-05
Villagers in southern China say authorities are trying to hide the effects of lead poisoning on their children. [The rest of the story.]

Questions on Burma Polls. 2010-01-05
Burma plans it first elections in 20 years, but will they be free? [The rest of the story.]

Jailed Dissident Appeals. 2010-01-04
A Chinese pro-democracy activist appeals his sentence for “subversion of state power.” [The rest of the story.]

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