Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time To Get To Work

Today is a good day. There was an election that did not end up in court and there was no mention of any injuries. It is sad when one has come to expect this behavior, but it was not that way this day. I am grateful for this. Mrs. Coakley was kind enough to concede shortly after the polls closed. That was classy.

I'm also happy because I live in a country where the people WILL rise up when the politicians go too far in either direction. Yes, all of those Tea Parties were not just a bunch of misfits who didn't like President Obama.

While it is true I do not like his policies or the way they keep Republicans out of all the writing of any bills, I do not know him. Therefore I cannot determine whether or not I like him personally.

I am not a Lefty. I do not hate people because they differ with me. If people didn't differ with me, how would I know if my ideas stood the test of scrutiny? It is good to debate. That is how we learn and grow. Staying convinced of that which is not true is only detrimental to ones self until you try pass bad law because of your belief.

Take for example cap and tax. Global cooling global warming climate change could mean anything. What happened? Why did they change from cooling to warming to climate change?

The climate has always changed. This is obvious. We call it winter, spring, summer and fall! Ah, but this is not what they mean. They are trying to use words that sounds politically correct but mean something quite different.

The so-called scientists who worked on the computer model have been proven frauds, and the Leftist Democrats are trying to move forward with this cap and tax bill anyway. Not so fast! Scott Brown won his election today, and he will help us to defeat this nonsense.

I don't mind if you believe in this. Do everything you can to help stop using carbon dioxide. While you're at it, stop breathing. Every time you exhale, you are spewing carbon dioxide. (CO2=1 carbon element+2 oxygen elements.)

This is what plants need to grow and expel OXYGEN into the air so we may breathe. But you go ahead and kill the trees and all our vegetation. That'll do us a whole lot of good. Feel a little silly do ya? No, I didn't think you would. *sigh*

How did I get onto this topic? Hmm. Anyway, I do feel joy and peace. I am encouraged to know that even in Massachusetts you cannot pull the wool over the people's eyes anymore. Thank God. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere. There is hope, and the change is a'comin in November.

Please contribute to my campaign for US Congress CA-37. Ms. Richardson has ignored our petitions. She has ignored our calls. She has ignored our e-mails. She has ignored our visits to her office. Well she won't ignore us much longer. Not with your support and our message.

NO to their form of healthcare insurance taxation. NO to forcing us to purchase from private companies something we have the inalienable right upon which to decide to purchase or not. She is not our dictator. She is not representing us.

Yes, we can change this. We are going to bring balance and common sense back to Washington. There is no reason why we should stay there all year and fly back and forth on the weekends on the taxpayers dime. That is criminally immoral.

There are limits in our constitution, and they shall be enforced. Finally. What belongs to us and/or our state, the federal government can no longer take and has no say about how we run our Sovereign states.

There are many ideas that you have shared with me, and I have heard you. So have many of us Tea Partiers. Now it is time to put it into action. You asked us, "What do we do now?", "Where do we go from here?". We get rid of those who are not keeping their oaths by replacing them with us. Woohoo! It's gonna be a hot time in the old town in November! Have a great day.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

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