Friday, March 26, 2010

More News From Steve Vaus

Steve has put together another CD with all original songs. I can't wait until I get mine. I'm letting you know so you can get in on a great deal, too. BTW, he is also running for the City Council of Poway, CA. I'd really appreciate it if you could contribute even a little (or much!). God bless, and have a great day.
1st ALL NEW Steve Vaus cd in 10+ years!!

This is the first ALL NEW cd I've done in many many years - Steve Vaus AMERICAN DREAMS. Over a dozen songs. It's unlike any release I've ever done - I promise you will be moved.

We are offering a LIMITED NUMBER (100 orders) of advanced copies. These will be burned direct to disc from the master recordings in my studio and autographed by me. I suppose you could call them a collector's item - but the main thing is you can be the first to own this new collection.

For $25 (including shipping & handling) you will get two copies (so you can share!) of AMERICAN DREAMS hot off the press!

ORDER NOW (order with credit card via Paypal) - limit four sets per order.
You can also order by mail - send $25 to: Steve Vaus Productions, PO Box 28700, San Diego, CA 92198
FINAL DAYS - 4 cds for only $27

FOUR STEVE VAUS CDs - Best of Steve Vaus; Voice of America; Never Had a Chance; and I Still Believe - are on sale now for only $27! For that price you get forty-three songs!

This music that speaks to the hearts and souls of America - the songs Vaus has performed when sharing the stage with Glenn Beck, Ted Nugent, Joseph Farah (WorldNetDaily) and others.

Only a few more days to get this deal on the most inspiring contemporary patriotic music available. Click here to order.

(You can also buy mp3 downloads of selected songs here.)
I'm running for office

I've decided to run for City Council in Poway, California. I spearheaded a Recall to get rid of a corrupt politician. And though I never dreamed I'd run for office the Recall convinced me there's more work to be done.

Please come and visit my campaign web site

I'd be in your debt if you'd consider making even a small donation to my campaign (click here to donate).


Steve Vaus

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