Thursday, April 1, 2010

USS Nicholas Captures Pirate Ship, Takes Prisoners

Good news. In the Indian Ocean near the Horn of Africa (Somalia), the USS Nicholas being attacked in the middle of the night by pirates this past Thursday. After the firefight was over, our men manned the pirate ship to find ammo and a lot of fuel.

We sunk their skiff during this event and captured their mothership. All in all, 5 pirates were captured. Goodie.

Now they are faced with a dilemma. Where do they put them? For now they are keeping on the ship, but they don't want to bring them to the US. Why not, you ask? Because they are NOT US citizens, and they do not deserve US citizens rights. That's why. Bravo!

Did I mention it was rather stupid to shoot at a US Navy Ship? D'uh. :)

Source(s): AFRICOM, One News Page and CNN Breaking News.

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