Monday, May 10, 2010

Brian Quintana (CA-D) Challenges Barbara Boxer (CA-D) In Primary

Candidate Brian Quintana is challenging sitting Senator Barbara Boxer for the people's Senate seat. He is a young man with a rich background. Money-wise? I have no idea. Experience-wise? Yes, in many ways that may seem foreign to Senator Boxer.

Not that Sen. Boxer wouldn't like to have the knowledge and experience that Candidate Quintana has, but facts are stubborn things. Can you find a bill she has written which has promoted the common defense or common welfare (besides the welfare state)? I admit, I may have missed it. There was very little she has actually done since she been a Senator since 1990.

Let us not focus on someone who has no real career to brag about. Rather let me tell you about this Democrat candidate who is challenger. Of course you may read his Biography in case I leave anything out.

Brian was born in Boyle Heights and growing up, he shared a bedroom with his eleven siblings. He did well in school, and he was offered a scholarship from Oprah Winfrey's "A Better Chance" program for inner-city students taking college prep classes. He graduated and received a full scholarship from Forrest E. Mars (M/M, Mars) to UC/Berkeley. He graduated there with a double major, Political Science and Business.

He has worked on many campaigns to elect Democrats, and he has served many political people on both sides of the aisle. He has also worked at the investment firm of Shearson Lehman Hutton. He has an quite a career.

That was career. He has also done something that impressed me. He started a foundation to educate and help people of color (who are disproportionately dieing of this disease) on the issue of HIV/AIDS. The name of this foundation is The Pedro Zamora Foundation. It was created in honor of his friend Pedro Zamora who died of horrible disease. He did not want others to die unnecessarily just because they didn't have the education.

Now for his positions on the issues.

1. Jobs. No raising taxes, but giving tax incentives to small businesses so they are able to hire more people. He would also like more funding to retrain people who have lost their jobs so they may find work.

2. Crime. He wants to stop the federal government from keeping the money that is supposed to go to our state to hire more Police Officers and also to keep criminals in jail.

[Editor's Note: I disagree with this one, I think. Isn't the state supposed to do this? If the federal govt has our money for this, when and how did they get it?]

3. Education. Funding for quality schools and vocational schools is a priority.

4. Environment. Many states have tough air pollution laws, but they are not being upheld. He would like to work with states AG's to ensure that there is clean water, clean air, and clean mountains for future Americans.

[Editor's Note: CARB is killing this state. California Air Resource Board.]

5. World Peace. He wants to bring the troops now and work with President Obama and George Mitchell to see that there is peace in the Middle East.

[Editor's Note: We brought the troops home from Afghanistan in 1989 and left a huge whole for the Taliban flourish. I know this is not what he wants, but this is just one of the consequences. As for peace in the Middle East? Why don't you after the antagonizers for a change? Yes, like Iran, the Arabs in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Why was this not a problem when they were Jordanian and the Jordanian government mowed down about 20,000 of them? Nope, not a peep. Leave Israel alone.]

6. Political Reform. "The influence of lobbyists and special interest money has corrupted Congress. As your United States Senator, will be the people of California."

[Editor's Note: If you win, WE WILL BE WATCHING YOU!]

While I disagree with many of his issues, he is not as radical as many politicians. Or so it seems. As I said in my Editor's Note, we shall be holding everyone's feet to the fire this time. No bill, no expense, no tax, no fee, no trip, shall go by without our scrutiny. Why? Because the Congress, the Senate, and the President have ignored us for too long.

You have awoken the sleeping silent majority! We refuse to go back to sleep after seeing what transpired in this health insurance scam, the bailouts (starting with President Bush), the amnesty coming at us, the open borders, and we are the only ones targeted as the enemy. Explain that to my Mother!

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

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