Monday, August 16, 2010

No 'Victory' Mosque at Ground Zero--We Will Not Submit

So the Muslim Brotherhood wants to build a 'victory' mosque two blocks away from ground zero, and all the cowards with no spine say it's a local issue? Let me ask you this. Was Pearl Harbor a local issue?

If it was, then why did we go to war? Why not just call the Police? You guys get on my nerves so much because you are cowards and cannot stand up for your birthright or mine. If you hate this country so much, get the hell out of it.

Below is a press release that should give you pause. Why? Our government isn't supposed to take sides in religious matters, but this is exactly what Obama did. Read further.

Liveprayer's Bill Keller Upset Pres. Obama Endorses "victory mosque" but not his Christian Center.

The leader of an internet ministry that has over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading his Daily Devotional, responds to President Obama's endorsement of the new Islamic ground zero "victory mosque," yet refuses to acknowledge his new 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero.

Website: 9-11 Christian Center. More places to see articles, WorldNetDaily article, DNAinfo article and Charisma article.

August 16, 2010 - St Petersburg, Fla. Bill Keller, leader of the world's largest interactive Christian website for 11 years,, has harshly criticized President Obama's endorsement of the "ground zero victory mosque," while refusing to acknowledge the opening of his new 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero. Keller states, "This President has endorsed a memorial being built by Muslims to their greatest military victory in the 1400 years of Islam, 9/11/2001, yet we have sent numerous correspondence to the White House asking for him to bless our new 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero."

Keller goes on, "This is a President who refused to hold any services in the White House for the National Day of Prayer, or any other Christian holiday, yet holds a dinner to commemorate Ramadan? But why would anyone be surprised. After all, the Obama administration is paying for the "ground zero victory mosque" Imam, Festal Ralf to go to the Middle East on the U.S. taxpayers dime to raise the $110 million he needs for his "victory mosque!"

On Sunday, September 5th, Keller will open this September the 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero as a Christian response to the mosque the Muslims are building just blocks away. Keller said that rather than hold a protest that people will forget an hour after it is over, he wanted to take an ongoing stand against this new mosque in a bold, visible, and meaningful way.

Keller stated that he sees this as an incredible opportunity to take a stand for Christ within a block of the hallowed ground where the World Trade Center Towers once stood, and give people a place where they can come to pray and find true peace and hope at a time when so many lives are in turmoil.

Keller is no stranger to conflict with Islam. In 2007, under pressure from the extremist Muslim group CAIR, Keller's highly rated nightly TV program that ran for 4 1/2 years on a CBS owned station in Tampa, Florida, was cancelled by CBS because he refused to stop telling his viewers that "according to the Bible Islam is a 1400-year-old lie from hell, and that history clearly shows Mohammed was a murdering pedophile who propagated his false religion through hatred, violence, and death."

Keller also has numerous fatwas (sentences of death) issued against him for a video he sent in 2006 to Osama Bin Laden that was played worldwide in which Keller encouraged Bin Laden to "renounce the lies of Islam" and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

In asking Keller about what he hopes to accomplish with the new 9-11 Christian Center, he said, "If the Muslims can without conscience build a mosque to propagate their religion of violence and hated a block away from where their Muslim brothers perpetrated the greatest act of terror on U.S. soil, killing 3,000 innocent souls in the process, we can open a place where people can come to hear the truth of the Bible and learn about the peace, love, and saving grace of Jesus Christ"

Keller's 9-11 Christian Center will begin holding services Sunday, September 5th in the ballroom of the New York Marriott through the end of the year. They will move into their permanent facility on January 1st.

Bill Keller
St. Petersburg, FL

About Bill Keller.

Bill Keller is the internet’s premiere evangelist. Through the Internet and his TV program only airing on major secular TV stations, he has emerged as one of the leading Christian leaders in the nation. Keller hosts "Live Prayer with Bill Keller" each Mon-Fri from 7:00-7:30 am in Ft. Myers on Comcast's MyTV8. His no nonsense style of evangelism is refreshing if not radical. Keller shared a Biblical worldview and quotes from the Bible constantly in his presentations, calling attention to everything gone wrong in America. He delivers his daily messages with compelling authority and conviction and keeps the last five programs archived online so his viewers can see any they have missed.

About Live Prayer.

In August, 1999 Bill Keller launched; it has gone on to become the most successful online faith ministry in the history of the internet. LivePrayer is now providing a daily devotional written by Bill Keller for its over two million e-mail subscribers, while his team of retired pastors responds with personal replies to over 40,000 emails a day, over 70 million in the nearly 11 years since Liveprayer signed on. Information on the ministry is available at
Now you tell me, why could Obama not speak about a Christian Church? Oh? You thought he was a Christian? Black theologoy is just a disguise for black hatred of whites.

I do not blame white people today for taking away my ancestors land. We are grown. We fought. We lost. That's that. Grow up.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

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