Monday, July 5, 2004


This site will cover all of the writings from eight other sites combined into one: Rosemary's Thoughts blogspot, My Newz 'n Ideas; Causes of Interest, DoD Daily News, DoD Daily News-2, Love America First, Love America First-2, Loving God Holy and Knickerbocker News. I will no longer be using those sites, except for Rosemary's Thoughts (blogger), but you may still use their archives. I won't be able to go through each of them for quite a long time. Now to the intro:

This blog has been established to discuss issues of concern such as politics, news coverage of many other countries, and womens issues, mens issues, and other subjects that may come to mind. Take for example football. In August, there will definitely be a sports following! I encourage you to discuss these issues with others and me, and if you know of something I may be interested in but have not yet addressed, please bring it to my attention. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Originally posted at My Newz 'n Ideas.

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