Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Vice Presidential Pick

Today, presumed presidential candidate Senator John Kerry announced his vice presidential choice, Senator John Edwards. Sen. Edwards is enjoying his first term as senator from the great state of North Carolina. Before he became a senator, Mr. Edwards was a personal injury trial lawyer. Am I the only one that sees a pattern here? Two senators, two lawyers, two rich white men, two liberals, ...? It has been very rare, if ever, that a senator was elected for the highest office in our great country. While it is true that trial lawyers are great financial contributors to the Democrats, there is also Hollywood, and Big Labor. Sen. Kerry is campaigning as a man of the people. He owns 5 mansions, several cars, a boat, and resorts. I wonder, is he going to share these with the "common folk?" By the way, did you know that John Kerry served in Viet Nam? Yes, and he will let you know no matter what the conversation. He can very artfully find a way to connect the dots, so to speak, to introduce this little tidbit. I am not going to announce my opinion about these two gentlemen as of yet, because I would like you to form your own. I just thought you might like a little background, in case you haven't heard of these people. Have a very wonderful day, and remember, national security is the issue of this campaign. Make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

Originally posted at My Newz 'n Ideas, 7/6/04.

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