Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Iraq will win on Friday, but not today. :(

I wrote an article on Tuesday, but in the process of writing and deleting another article, my Olympics watch got deleted: (By now, I'm sure you know that Paraguay won 3-1. That is good for them, and it can be good for us, too. We cannot give up now. We have come too far. Nabil will have the in depth story for you. I wish to affirm that Iraq still has an opportunity to win a medal this year. On Friday, I believe they will play Italy. I am torn, because I love Italy and all they have contributed to the war on terror, but Iraq needs our prayers.

As Christians, we must first look inside. Is there anger, strife, jealousy, gossip, hatred, and/or other sins? We must have a clean heart when we pray. (Yes, I know that God hears us where ever we are and whatever we have done. That is not this situation. We are not crying out for ourselves! Get it together! Will somebody please pick up a Bible and READ it! There are different instructions for different times. Have you heard of Ecclesiastes? Well, enough lecturing, for now:) I just want our prayers to be heard, that Iraq would do well on Friday.

If Iraq does win a medal, it will be the first time in 44 years (I heard.) It may give Iraqis a sense of dignity and pride in the knowledge that they did this, them, with no help from any outsiders. Yes, we made it possible so they will no longer be tortured, but they are the ones doing the sport! Imagine that! Do you remember when we had the Super Bowl after September 11, 2001? I believe almost everyone was watching that game! It is a great escape, and a fine way to relax. God knows we needed that, and God knows that these people deserve at least that much, also.

As far as the coach, he has got to go. I read his comments on the Olympic comment line as I was keeping track of the game. I don't know if he truly wants to win! I must take into account that he does come from a different culture, and it is very possible that his feelings are accurate, as far as he sees things. But if you cannot separate your feelings from the sport, you need to step aside. Let the team play to win!!! Olay, olay, olay!!! Go Iraq!

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