Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Philosophy v. Psychology

Philosophy: 1. The logical and critical study of the source and nature of human knowledge. A formal system of ideas based on such study. 2. The science and liberal arts with the exception of law, medicine, and theology. 4. The set of values, ideas and opinions of an individual or group (Webster's Riverside Dictionary.)

Psychology: 1. The science of mind, emotions, and behavior (ibid.)

Okay, I have a question. Is psychology=philosophy? Shrinks (doctors) are trying to find what makes a person tick, right? Wouldn't that be philosophy? The set of values, ideas and opinions? So can I get some really cool drugs from a philosopher? Not that drugs are cool! I don't indulge, it was just a point of contention that I am trying to make!

There are many employees in your child's school. Teachers, janitors, social workers, planned parenthood (don't tell me you didn't know!,) and a nurse. Are you aware that your child can be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and you have to comply to give your child psycotropic drugs or go to jail? Oh yes. We are too silent. They can also compel your child to have an abortion (by not giving them proper information and telling them horror stories about YOU!) without your knowledge. Have you heard of China? Say hello! We must ban together as moms and dads and put a stop to this.

Go to your school. Politely ask to see how many people work at your school, full- and part-time. Speak to them. Ask if there are any forms that you can sign that you only get to sign if you go to the school and specifically ask for them! It is true.

They are doing surveys in your child's class. They ask questions such as: Do your parents argue, do they own guns, do they drink, do they spank you, etc. The kicker is-they are told not to tell you about the survey! I suggest you watch your school and your child very carefully. Be careful. Your daughter may die from internal bleeding from an abortion you knew nothing about, and therefore could not inform the doctor that vital, life-saving information. Please. Do it today.

The drugs that they want to give (mostly to boys so they won't act like boys!) is also one thing that will keep them out of the Military. That is something very serious for you to think about. There is an agenda here. The Left hates our Military, no matter what they say. We are at war, and this is not a time for timidity. It is their philosophy against ours. Their set of ideas and values against ours. They believe they have the power to do with our children as they please, and they are right, if we sit back and do nothing. It is up to us. God bless America and ya'll!

Ps. And we wonder why they can't read, write, or do math! The Adult children of Adults from whatever-nonsense I-want-to-blame-my-life-on(!) are running the asylum!

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