Sunday, October 31, 2004


Originally posted on Knickerbocker News at 10/31/04.

Welcome to this new site. We will be providing news that is not usually covered or carried to competion. We find this missing in today's media. It does not inspire anyone when we are told there is a problem, flood, fire, war, whatever, and then not being informed on the results of the situation or what we may do to help.

Are you aware that Pakistan and India are having peace talks? Yes, it is a great success to get them to speak to each other, and the success belongs to them! We almost had a nuclear war, yet you did not hear of this. This is how I hope to enlighten the conversations and education. I do believe it is vitally important to keep a people willing to care, you must tell the whole truth...that means the good, bad, beautiful, and ugly. We will start reporting shortly. WE research our articles. (Couldn't resist that dig!)

If you find any bias, please bring it to the attention of Miss Davidian. She is the Editor-in-Chief and wishes success for us all. Success for you is success for us. You may reach her through the e-mail using RE: Miss Welch. Please leave a small description in the title. Thank you.

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