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NGAUS Legislative Update: 7/28/2006

I've received this through an e-mail, and I would like to share this news with you. Please read this, if you really do support the troops. This is one way to prove it. Thank you.

Senate Defense Approps Update

The full Senate is moving toward floor action on the Senate’s version of the Defense Appropriations bill next week. The Senate hopes to complete action on the Appropriations bill before the beginning of the month-long August recess. NGAUS will update members on amendments and issues relating to the Appropriations debate as details become available.

Congressional Recess

As a reminder, the House of Representatives will be out of session beginning next week (July 31 to Sept. 4). The Senate will begin its recess the week after next (Aug 7 to Sept. 4). Both chambers will be out for the entire month of August. As many of you know, this year is an election year for members of Congress. With members heading back home to campaign and meet with constituents, August is the perfect month to talk to your Congressman/woman and Senators. If you see them, be sure to ask for support on critical Guard issues such as: TRICARE, Reduction in Retirement Age, the National Guard Empowerment Act and funding for needed Army and Air Guard equipment. Check our legislative alerts on the topics above on the NGAUS website They’ll provide you the talking points and information you need. Make your voice…and your vote…work for the Guard!

Empowerment Engagement

NGAUS President, Brig Gen Stephen M. Koper (ret) along with several Adjutants General have been lobbying members of Congress on the importance of the Empowerment Act language included in the Senate Authorization report that is currently in Congress. The meeting over the two day span included: MG Raymond F. Rees (TAG-Ore.), Maj Gen Timothy J. Lowenberg (TAG-Wash.), and Maj Gen Roger P. Lempke (TAG-Neb.), President of the Adjutants General Association. The meetings focused on members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committee who are and will be participating in the conference committee meetings to reconcile the difference between the House and Senate Authorization bills. The Senate bill includes language that would promote the Chief of NGB to 4-star position, and designate the Deputy Commander at NORTHCOM to be a member of the Guard. The House contains no such position. NGAUS is strongly encouraging members of both chambers to support the Senate position.

Senators Address JCA

Senators DeWine and Voinovich from Ohio penned a letter to address the cut in funding for the Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA). In a letter addressed to Senator Warner, Chairman and Senator Levin, Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee requested that the Senate recede to the House position which fully funds the Joint Cargo Aircraft at $109M. The Senate Armed Services Committee recommended a cut of $109M, virtually all funding for the aircraft, in its version of the Authorization bill. A copy of the letter can be found on our website:

Parliamentarians Needed!

As the NGAUS Legislative Staff prepares for the General Conference in New Mexico, the call is going out for volunteers to serve as parliamentarians for the resolutions sessions. Each resolution subcommittee (Army and Air) needs an experienced individual parliamentarian for the respective resolutions committees. One parliamentarian will serve the Joint committee as well. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Bernie Phelps at (202) 408-5884.

In anticipation for next year, NGAUS has already secured hotel rooms for next year’s CACO Legislative Conference. The conference will be held on March 5 and 6, 2007. For information regarding the 2008 conference, check out the Legislative page of the NGAUS website.

NGAUS Task Forces
NGAUS has established Task Forces as a mechanism to provide advice and expertise to the NGAUS legislative staff in development of legislative priorities based on the resolutions that are passed each year at the annual conference. NGAUS Task Forces are listed below:

Joint Task Forces
Medical Task Force

Army Task Forces
Fire Support Task Force
Combat Vehicle Task Force
Combat Support/Combat Service Support Task Force
Army Aviation Task Force
C4I Task Force
Engineer Task Force

Air Task Forces
Airlift/Tanker/Rescue Fighter Task ForceC4I Task Force
The Task Forces are comprised of Chairs and Vice Chairs and are expected to meet two times a year.

NGAUS is seeking interested volunteers to serve on the Task Forces. If you are interested, contact the NGAUS legislative staff or contact the Task Force Chairs listed on our website.
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Providing NGAUS members with effective and knowledgeable representation on Capitol Hill.

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