Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thank you, Mr. Roth

I would like to thank Mr. Roth for his quick response. Wow! He answered my e-mail right away. Not only did he answer my e-mail, but he armed me with ammunition that is valued for a pork-hunter.

I shall be adding these links to top of the my links. Would anyone like to name it? I'm thinking in the line of, "The Porked" or "My Hit List." I know there is a more creative name out there for the title of the links I will use to gather data for this site, so feel free to express yourself.

Mr. Roth has made it known that it is not just conservatives who answered the call for government oversight. Liberals, at least the Classic ones, have also answered the call. I'm very happy about that. I have believed for a long time that there is not that much of a difference between us when it comes to people stealing our money! Welcome aboard.

Let me know who you are, everyone, and I will add you link to a category named "Pork Hunters." That one is not up for debate. lol. Have a great day.

Originally posted at Pork Hunters.

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