Saturday, June 16, 2007

1,000,000 American March

Enough talk. Enough phone calls. The Senate, the House, and the president do not care whether we do not like this bill for amnesty or not. So what do we do?

We all get together, Americans who happen to be of Mexican, Asian, African, European, etc. descent, and march on the walls and halls of Washington. Let them know we WILL be heard, and they WILL listen. They do work for US, the American citizens. Not invaders. Not al Qaida. Not Hizbullah. Not Hamas. Not anyone except US citizens. After all, we are the only ones that are supposed be allowed to vote, as if that happens.

I've had it with all the name calling by Senators, Congressmen and the president, that does not have to live the way we, as American citizens, do. As a teen, I worked as a waitress. I tried to get a job out here in California, but I could not get hired. Why not? I don't (and will not) speak Spanish. It is not because I find the language offensive, I do not. I love the language. I even speak enough of it to get by. The problem is, and it's a big one for most Americans, that I don't want anyone telling me that I HAVE to do so.

If you do not desire me telling you about Jesus Christ, then do not force me to speak your language in my own country. Period. Anyone. And you say it is the Christians trying push our agenda down your throats? HA! When is the last bill you heard of that said, "You must be a Christian"??? You have not, because it was put into the constitution that you can believe in whatever you choose. So get out of my face.

I will stand up for what I believe, and you had better believe that! I have that right just as much as you do. Being a Christian does NOT exclude me from politics. No. Just the opposite. It calls me to be responsible enough to get informed, be involved, and don't be lazy.

You will take this land that was given to us by God Almighty, where we made a solemn oath to Him in the Mayflower Compact, over my dead body.

Getting back to the point at hand. We need to make these 536 people realize that we mean business. That we are serious. In the mean time, do not stop calling that toll free number (866) 340-9281. Let them hear you. Be polite. Be firm, and do not allow them to lie to you. Refute them with facts.

1,000,000 American March is a pipe dream, and I know it. But wouldn't it be sweet?

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