Monday, July 16, 2007

Mahoney buys silence for $660 million

Before I start this post, please allow me to set the record straight. I am not Catholic. I am a First Southern Baptist Christian. I hold no ill feelings toward those people who choose to be Catholics. I am grounded enough in my faith not to allow anything that anyone says about their religion or mine to bother me, but I will tell what does bother me.

When someone claims the title as a Christian, then publicly acts anyway they choose except as a Christian. I know I have failed in this category, so I understand how easy it is fall off the path and start walking as if we are of this world and not just in it. For this, I repent of my sins of cussing and not reading my Bible as I should.

I have looked in the mirror at myself, and I have taken the log out of my eye. Now let's turn to the speck in Cardinal Mahoney's. To stay in your position as Cardinal of any Church is an even more egregious sin. For these men to continue their grotesque sin and crime, they needed your enablement. They needed your cloak to cover them, and that is exactly what you gave them. Shame on you!

Let's look at this situation as the unbeliever would. There are many religions out there, and every person is going seek the meaning of life at least one point in their life. They ultimately turn to God. You and I know that there is only One True God. We are His representatives, like it or not. What they see on the outside is how God will be judged. What do you think someone looking at you will think?

EDITORIAL NOTE: If you do not agree with me about MY religion, don't bother writing a disagreeable comment. I know there are many who do not believe this. THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE, and I have that right as much as you do.

To continue. Anyone who has the authority over His flock and leads astray one of His very own would be better off to tie a mulberry bush around his neck and throw himself into the ocean! These are not my words. It is not I who says this, but the LORD. Does that matter to you?

These people who search for God will now have trouble with a Christian God, because this is a big deal. I can tell you that the people who harmed me will never be able to pay me more than I've already paid personally for their crimes. Do not find your hands washed of these crimes against children and humanity. They are not. They cannot be.

How many people are going to Christ now? How many are turning away? What you have done is outrageous and sinful. You are just as guilty as those men, and you should not remain a Cardinal. Not in a Church anyway. You have broken the Holy laws of God and the trust of mankind. The only way to regain the Hope in Christ is for you to leave your post. If you are truly sorry, if you truly love Christ, if you truly desire His flock to be saved, you shall retire your position in the Church. Then again, that's only if you remember we may be in this world, but we are not of it.


  1. This is indeed both egregious and unreal. Truly sad.

  2. I haven't followed it that closely, but resonsibility doesn't seem to be flowing to the top.

  3. I agree with you both. As I stated before I continued to write this that I am not Catholic, but in my religion it is the responsibility of the members at the top to be SERVANTS of the people, not masters.

    Everyone, including me, makes mistakes. That is why we have people (fellowship) to tell us when we are going astray. If we do not listen to well grounded, Biblical advise, then they are to bring two or three people to try to reach us through our thick skulls. lol.

    If we still do not listen, THEN we bring it to the authorities (Church Pastor). But only after everything has been tried.

    Unfortunately, these children went to Mahoney to seek protection as he paraded these pedophiles out of the back door to another Parish.

    I understand the responsibility of the pedophile. Death would not be too harsh of a sentence for me. However this is not the issue I was trying to address. Who is responsible for the Cardinals?

    This went on for decades, and those are only the ones we know about. I can say, as a Christian woman myself, where were the protectors of the children? Why did no one hear their cries? They are the most precious assest that any religious and non-religious society has.

    I will never be a Catholic. If I had ever thought about it, this closes the door. I just cry for those who have given up on Christ altogether. Who knows? Maybe they will turn to Islam, and find the emptiness of which the Pharoas lived.

    There is no other God but God. Period.

    God bless you both, and I pray God will continue to bless the children. I know He will, because that is the way He is. Thank God!


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