Monday, May 16, 2005

News: 5/16/2005

The site from where this post came is no longer available.

USA Today:
Kuwait approves women's political rights.

KUWAIT CITY (AP) — Kuwaiti lawmakers approved political rights for women Monday, clearing the way for females to participate in parliamentary elections for the first time in the Gulf nation's history. [read more.]
Okay, I am insulted. How about you?
Cuba wants airline bomb suspect arrested.
The result is remarkably like a televised version of an Internet blog — references to outside news sources tightly wrapped in personal commentary. [read more.]
Are you ready for this one?
Fox defends comments.

MEXICO CITY — President Vicente Fox refused to apologize Monday for saying Mexicans in the United States do the work that blacks won't a comment widely viewed as acceptable in a country where blackface comedy is still considered funny and nicknames often reflect skin color. [Story.]
Here we go again. I hope this time they mean it, seeing as it is a new government.
Iraq vows crackdown.

BAGHDAD — At least eight Iraqis were found shot near a Baghdad dam and a slain Iraqi Kurd was left in a garbage dump in northern Iraq, police said Monday, raising the number of bodies recovered in recent days to 50. The government vowed to track down those responsible, saying insurgents were seeking to exploit sectarian rivalries. [Story.]
I am not going to say what I really think about this, because I am a Christian lady and it wouldn't be polite. I will say, however, I want to see some heads roll. Not literally, just fired.
'Newsweek' issues apology.

NEW YORK — In an apology to readers this week, Newsweek acknowledged errors in a story alleging U.S. interrogators at Guantanamo Bay desecrated the Koran. The accusations, which the magazine vowed to re-examine, spawned protests in Afghanistan that left 15 dead and scores injured. [Story.
This has been going on for almost a week. If someone could explain to me who are the good guys, I would appreciate it.
Uzbek violence continues.

ANDIJAN, Uzbekistan — Gunfire rang out Monday in the eastern city where Uzbek security forces fired on protesters last week — a clash that reportedly left as many as 500 people dead — and reports emerged that violence in nearby towns killed hundreds more, further threatening the stability of the government in this key U.S. ally in Central Asia. [Story.]
I sure hope this is good and lasting news.
Ethiopians overwhelm polls
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — After a stunning 90% turnout that indicated voters were optimistic Ethiopia was headed toward greater democracy, officials on Monday began counting ballots in the parliamentary race. [Story.]
Thank you. Have a great day.

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