Thursday, August 30, 2007

NFL Pre-season week #4

Now that I seem to be getting back into the grove of reporting these games, I shall just give the names of the teams, my pick, and the final scores. (Hey, leave me alone. I'll get to last week's scores as soon as I finish here. lol)

Thursday, August 30, 2007.
New York Jets vs. Philadelphia Eagles. I want the Phillies to win, but the Jets are winning right now. Come on, Eagles! Final: NYJ 13; PHI 11. Darn.
New York Giants vs. New England Patriots. I want the NYG to win. Final: NYG 20; NE 27.
Green Bay Packers vs. Tennessee Titans. Gosh, Tenn. is really whomping my Packers, but I'll give them this one last one chance... GB 14; TEN 30. Okay. Time to face facts. Boohoo.
Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings. Hmm. I don't know. I have something against both of them, but I'll go with...Dallas. No, wait! The Vikings. No, make that the Cowboys. See? Final: DAL 14; MIN 23.
Houston Texans vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Final: HOU 24; TB 31.

I can't keep up with the scores, so I can't honestly pick a team. I already know too much about them, and I'm still losing! Arghh!

Pittsburgh Steelers* vs. Carolina Panthers. Final: PIT 19; CAR 3.
Arizona Cardinals* vs. Denver Broncos. Final: ARI 3; DEN 21.
San Francisco 49er's vs. San Diego Chargers*. SF 13; SD 16.
Oakland Raiders* vs. Seattle Seahawks. OAK 14; SEA 19.

Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions. (It's already final. Otherwise I would have gone for Buffalo.) Final: BUF 16; DET 13.
Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. Final: WAS 14; JAC 31.
Miami Dolphins vs. New Orleans Saints. Final: MIA 0; NO 7.
Kansas City Chiefs vs St. Louis Rams. Final: KC 3; STL 10.
Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears. Final: CLE 19; CHI 9.

There are two games tomorrow:
Baltimore Ravens vs. Atlanta Falcons. Final: BAL 10; ATL 13.
Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinnati Bengals. Final: IND 6; CIN 14.

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