Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sounds from within the Utah mine?

There is speculation that the men might be alive afterall. Several days and many prayers ago, six men were trapped underground in a mine. After the first drilling to find them failed productive, there was a second a try. That one failed as well. Then late yesterday/early this morning, there were sounds! I do not have all the news yet, but I shall try to keep you updated. Have a great day.

Update I. See, prayers DO work! :)

Update II. Here is some more information from National Nine News:
"We saw some indication of noise for a period of about five minutes that we have not seen before," said Richard Stickler, assistant secretary of labour at the US Mine Safety and Health Administration.

"We are not sure what that means but obviously we saw that and we decided to move the number four borehole into that area." [Continue reading.]
PPSS: Please take a moment to pray for those people in Peru who are suffering a terrible loss due to an earthquake.
A massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake rocked Peru today, reportedly killing at least 115 people and prompting evacuations in Peruvian and Colombian coastal cities amid fears of a tsunami.

More than 1000 people were also injured, according to government officials. [Continue reading.]
The Bloomberg is reporting:
Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) -- The death toll from a magnitude-7.9 earthquake in Peru reached 337 as rescue workers searched for survivors and medics struggled to treat hundreds of injured.

The temblor yesterday injured another 827 people, the country's civil defense agency said on its Web site.

Peru's largest earthquake in more than 30 years forced the government to declare a state of emergency and prompted countries such as Mexico and Panama to pledge aid. It was the world's biggest quake since a magnitude-8.1 temblor stuck off the Solomon Islands in April, an event that triggered a tsunami that killed 54 people. [Continue reading.]
The last number I've heard (over the radio) is 303 people dead. May they rest in peace. Please, God, comfort those who remain. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Update III: This is day #11, and another tragedy has occurred. Three of the rescuers have lost their lives while in the pursuit of trying to save their 'brothers'. Utah's governor does not want anyone else to attempt to rescue the minors until the area is safe to do so. What happened is there was a 'bump' which means the drilling caused the rocks and coal to shift which then caused another collapse. Six men were also injured. Please pray for them all. Dear God, no more tragedies, please.

Update IV: The death toll is now 510 people, and there are more than 1500 injured.

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