Friday, August 17, 2007

A Letter to the People of Iraq

There is a letter being sent to the people of Iraq that I found over at Victory Caucus. This is a wonderful site, and I highly recommend you sign up and join us.

You do not have to be a conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, or whatever label they choose to ascribe upon us. Just as long as you love America and wish for her victory (hence the name, lol)

This letter is one of encouragement and to let the Iraqi people know that we know how to go around the media when it is necessary. It is necessary. Our press appears to be working for al Jazeer! So we shall carry the message ourselves. Please join us. When I signed the petition, I was only #13. I know we can do better than this! We are better than this. Thank you for all of your support for our troops and the people we are helping to help us.

Here is the petition: Online petition - A letter to the Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iraq.

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This is the post for an open trackback. Please take a moment to sign the petition and take a look at Victory Caucus. Thank you, and have a wonderful day. :)

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