Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Special Election Tue. 8/21/07; John Kanaley 4 Congress

Click on this site to go to his website. This will be stickied up until August 21, 2007.

John Kanaley has just come back from two tours in Iraq, and he is willing to continue serving his country. He is a remarkable man. While in Iraq, he earned the Bronze Star and an Iraqi Campaign Medal. I'd say that's standing up not only for our district, but for our country.

He went to public school in Long Beach, where he also grew up. Upon graduating from Long Beach State University, he joined the Military and has also bravely served our community in the Long Beach Police Department.

Ladies, sorry. He is married to lovely lady, and he has three children. His stake in our community has deep roots. He is a Father, a husband, an Army Vet, and a police officer. He has always been serving us in one way or another.

Let us reward him by giving him an opportunity to clean out Congress. Plus he will bring his experience with him. This is something most of those old foggies do not have.

He has many endorsements. Some from people across the aisle. Here is a partial list:
    LB Police Officers Association, LA County Professional Police Officers Association, LB Business Journal, Gov. Pete Wilson, Congressman Dana Rohranbacher, Congressman Darrell Issa, Supervisor Mike Antonovich, Former Mayor Eunice Sato, Former Councilman Rudy Svorinich, Jr., Former Councilman Frank Colonna, Former Councilman Rob Webb, Community Leader Gwen Patrick and Community Leader Star Parker.
"John Kanaley serves his community as a police officer and served our country as an Army Lieutenant Colonel in Iraq. John's commitment to our community is demonstrated and he will continue this service in Congress. John Kanaley has my wholehearted support."
- Former Republican Congressman Steve Kuykendall

I agree. He has my vote as well. Won't you please help us? We only have four days left to campaign, and I'm sure he could use any help you could offer. PLEASE! I'm stuck with people all from the same party! Did I happen to mention he is a Republican? He's handsome, too! Don't hold it against him. LOL. Thank you.

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