Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm having some trouble with my links since I bought this new site, but I realy have some very cool sites. Some you may like, some you may hate, but I'm sure there is at least ONE you will find that you will like. BTW, if any of techies could tell me what's wrong, I'd be mighty obliged. ;)

I'd really like to learn how to read the code on my wordpress template. My good friend has suggested a site where I could get some information, but he also said there wasn't any 'good' ones over at the wordpress that they offered.

I'd ask him, but he's already done so much for me. I don't want to take up all of his time. I like to fool around with my templates, and sometimes I get carried away. That is why I need to know what I'm doing. Thanks for understanding. Have a great day.

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