Saturday, September 22, 2007

NFL Game 3, 2007

It is now time for tomorrow's game 3 of this year's season, and I am here with the match-ups for you. As the games play, I will also provide you with their scores. I will pick who I think will win except for three teams: Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots and the St. Loius Rams. Why? Because I do not like them at all. ;)

Here is the match-up for the 1 pm EST games:
Arizona Cardinals vs. *Baltimore Ravens: Final: ARI 23; *BAL 26, San Diego Chargers vs. *Green Bay Packers: Final: SD 24; *GB 31, St. Loius Rams vs. *Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Final: STL 3; *TB 24, San Francisco 49ers vs. *Pittsburgh Steelers: Final: SF 16; *PIT 37, Detroit Lions vs. *Philadelphia Eagles: Final: DET 21; *PHI 56, Miami Dolphins vs. *NY Jets: Final: MIA 28; *NYJ 31, *Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots: Final: BUF 7; NE 31, *Minnesota Vikings vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Final: *MIN 10; KC 13 and *Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans: Final: *IND 30; HOU 24.

In the line-up I just posted, I noticed a few things I'd like to mention before continuing. I really do want Buffalo to crush NE Pats. Arizona is looking pretty good this season, but I chose the Ravens because while the Ravens may have been a young team, they have shown grit. Green Bay over San Diego. I know. How dare I! Every time I've rooted against the Pack, they've won! I want San Diego to win...or GB. lol. I just wish the Steelers were performing better. I think they may tomorrow. The same with my Eagles. Detroit is a contender. Miami sucks. Look, don't yell at me! I'm not the coach nor the players. They need to get a move on! That's as simple as that. That's about it for this round. Now we are coming up to the five games that are going to play at 4:15 pm EST.

4:15 pm EST.
Cincinnati Bengals vs. *Seattle Seahawks: Final: CIN 21; *SEA 24, Cleveland Browns vs. *Oakland Raiders: Final: CLE 24; *OAK 26, Jacksonville Jaguars vs. *Denver Broncos: Final: JAX 23; *DEN 14, NY Giants vs. *Washington Redskins: Final: NYG 24; *WAS 17 and *Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons: Final: *CAR 27; ATL 20.

There is another game later tomorrow night at 8:15 pm EST. This team is Dallas Cowboys vs. *Chicago Bears: Final: DAL 34; *CHI 10. Why not? Someone has to root for them. ;)

Monday Nite Live at 8:30 pm EST: Tennessee Titans vs. *New Orleans Saints: Final: TEN ; *NO .

I hope everyone has a wonderful game weekend. Should I keep putting these up as a Linkfest? I think so. Otherwise, how will everyone remember? Even if football is not your 'thing', you can still stop by and see if your favorite team won. Hopefully, right? lol. Everyone have a great weekend, and don't forget me! ;)

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