Monday, September 3, 2007

Why I hate (un) Holy Days

Who remembers when George Washington or Abraham Lincoln were born? No one? A few people? That is because the federal government, in all its (un)wisdom, decided to make it presidents' day. Does anyone know why this happened or when? It happened because we wanted to add President Ronald Reagan to the list. The Left had a fit. (Or so that's the way I remember it.)

Then they came up with the bright idea of allowing everyone to be included, even those of untawdry character. Not only do they not celebrate those men of great importance, they clump them all together so that the GOVERNMENT can have a four day weekend. Great. How unholy do can they get?

Okay, now let's take Independence Day. The Declaration of Independence was signed of JULY 5TH, 1776. That doesn't bother me so much as the fact that it can no longer be taught in our schools due to outsiders. We wouldn't want to offend anyone, right? WRONG! This is my country and if you want to be here, you better love it and know it as well as I do. Tough toodles if you don't like it. I don't disrespect your country while I'm there. To be fair, I don't go to other countries, except Mexico and Canada, because of personal reasons.

We have so many unholy days that I could really take apart so many that it would take me too much time to write. Getting to Labor Day. Everyone is out bar-ba-quing, right? NOT ME. I cannot leave my house. So what am I supposed to do? Why aren't you WORKING to support LABOR day? After all, it is about how we built this country (you know, doing those things Americans don't want to do) and we did it without government help.

Government has always been the hinderence. Why does everyone look to it to solve the problems they created? Dang, this is a good title. I just wish I had some witty and serious comebacks for you. I guess I'm just so bored out of my skull that my brains fell out. Excuse me, but I must go and look for them. I might have left them in the bathroom, where the rest of the country is heading...

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

This is going to be my open trackback for this day. The piece I submitted earlier was written yesterday. Please join us in this Linkfest. The only thing I ask is that you do not trackback to any porn.

These are the posts I have trackbacked to: Perri Nelson's Website, Big Dog's Weblog, Right Truth, Webloggin, Blog @, and third world county, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

Here is one article I read yesterday, and I found it fascinating. He is a member of Linkfest so I will include it right here, even though he did not submit it. Anthrax vaccine produces immunity with nanoparticles, not needles.

I've learned that he wrote this while he was ill, and that is why it wasn't posted over at Linkfest. It would nice if everyone could go over just to say hello. Cheer him up, ya know? Thanks.

These are the people that trackbacked to me:
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