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Monday, October 8, 2007

I think my arm hurts, but I’m not sure

For those who care but have not been able to follow this, I will try to put the beginning in a nutshell for you.

1. I fell backward off the bathtub from where I was standing, and I hit my back and head.

2. Two days later, my wrist and thumb were paralyzed.

3. I waited several days to go to the hospital because I had a doctor's appointment.

4. Doctor wouldn't look at it, wouldn't refill prescription, because apparently I had no appointment.

5. Went to the hospital the next day.

6. Diagnosis: Left radial nerve palsy. This is a form of localized paralysis.

Everyone caught up? lol. I have a cast on my left arm, apparently to keep me from moving my arm. Do not worry. I am only typing with one finger. Yes, it is a pain in my neck!

Getting back to the pain. My wrist and thumb are numb, but they also tingle. The area around them is what is starting to really hurt. The muscle near my elbow and upper arm are in pain as well. The part that hurts is not my wrist or thumb, but other areas close and far away. I have learned, from a podiatrist, that just because the pain is located in one place does not mean that the source and/or the cure is not in a different place in the body.

I have removed the cast twice now (three times, shortly) to scratch my arm because it's itching. I've tried putting lotion on it so it would stop, but that only lasted a while.

My brother was kind enough to take me both times to the doctor. Now his muscles are eating him alive. See, this is the first time we tried out my wheelchair, and she's no lightweight! When you don't exercise for a while, this can happen to you.

My recommendations? Don't stand on your bathtub without something to grab onto. I now need new shower curtains! lol. Do not put off going to the hospital, no matter how silly you think it is. You're not the doctor. I did not know about this palsy stuff. It could be more serious than I first thought. If you can, take a cab! This way, you don't injure those around you. EXERCISE!

Please pray for John to heal quickly. I believe it's a bad case of tendinitis. But then again, I'm not a doctor...

PS. No kidding, you have to watch this. No2Liberals sent this to Nuke's News & Views, but I just had to 'borrow' it. You will laugh your fanny off. Thank you for making me feel better. ;)

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