Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Reports from Michael Yon

I know I am pretty late with these three reports from Michael Yon, one of our most valued reporter, but I do believe you should at least have the opportunity to read them. After all, you may have missed them when they did come out. One never knows, right? ;)

Here the reports in the order I received them:
Hunting Al Qaeda, Part II of III.

Hunting Al Qaeda Part III of III.

Don’t Ask Me What I Think about the Petraeus Report.
This last one I am very grateful to have received, not that the others are not as good. It's just that I wanted to know the truth, and I can always count on Michael for that. This is such different news than what we hear every night, if you are one of those that still bothers watching it. lol. Have a good day.

Update: September 25, 2007, Michael has arrived back in Iraq. He has a report for us already: The General Lee Comes Home. Digg!

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