Thursday, December 27, 2007

Singing the Blues

Singing the blues down by the riverbend
Thoughts are racing through her head
She'll have a good cry, not caring why
Just singing the blues until the sun is nigh.

The Christ child's birthday has gone
She's left wondering what went wrong
Why no one called from far away
Not even to say, "Have a nice day."

She tries to take the blame for them
They have their lives, is what she'll say
She wasn't there, that's probably why
No one cares if she cries.

Singing the blues down by the riverbend
Tears are for cleansing is what someone said
She'll be fine until next year
When she'll be singing the blues down by the riverbend

Down by the riverbend
There is Peace down by the riverbend
Peace that the world does not know you can find
Down by the riverbend, down by the riverbend.

PS. No sympathy, please. It's just a song.
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