Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's a sad state of affairs

Anyone who knows me from My Newz 'n Ideas, knows that I am a political junkie. It is sad, however, this situation I find myself in these days. As you may have noticed, I have not been writing about politics that often. There is a reason for this. I'm disgusted with the candidates we have. Plain and simple.

Duncan Hunter is out of the running because a bunch of sheeple listened to and believed the stupid people behind the microphones of talk radio (who have their own axes to grind or candidates they've been backing from the beginning) telling us that this person or that person is not electable. SHAME ON YOU FOR BELIEVING THEM.

We have now lost the only Conservative left standing. Who is going to build our fence now? Who is going to make Iran back down? Who is going to confront China? Who is going to throw all of the illegal aliens out of this country? If no one will, why do we even bother paying anyone to protect our borders? COME ON, SHEEPLE.

Well, there is one low-key conservative left. That would be Fred Thompson. You can say what you will about his performances. If you are looking for entertainment, turn on the tv and leave the politics to us grown ups.

Anyway, I didn't start out with that rant. What is really bothering me is the talk show industry. Gee, I wish I would have had as much publicity when I decided to run for office. I'm seriously considering it again, just like my fried Chad T. Everson. He is running for office in Minnesota. That site is not his campaign headquarters! He is also the ideas-man behind Grizzly Groundswell. I have misplaced it temporarily. *oops*

The facts are, we don't access to the press or talk radio programs. Know why? We did not play by 'their' rules. How do I know? I started running for a local office over 3 years ago. I was forced to drop out of the race. I could not gather enough 'party support' on the strength of my ideas. Apparently that didn't even matter. Instead, it came down to 'who' I knew and 'what' I had for the party. I guess all of those years of volunteering (for free) to elect people to higher offices was nothing? You guys make me sick.

Well. That's my rant. Sorry if it was boring, and I don't even feel better...One more thought before I go. Remember when California had the recall to get rid of Gov. Grey Davis? Everyone wanted to vote for Tom McClintock, but we were told that he was UNELECTABLE. Funny thing, HE WAS A SENATOR! Hmm. I wonder how he got there if he was so unelectable? Well, now we have Aaarnold. The defecit is greater than when we recalled Davis! I VOTED FOR TOM MCCLINTOCK. I was not swayed by the big mouths. I voted for the correct person, the right candidate. I know, because now everyone is saying they wish they had, too. WELL, YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE. Don't make the same mistake again. VOTE FOR FRED. Thank you.

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