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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Nine Plagues of Egypt

There are 9 plagues in Exodus (the Bible) starting with 'The Plague of Blood' and ending with 'The Plague of the Firstborn'. These are the plague of blood, frogs, gnats, livestock, boils, hail, locusts and the firstborn. Why did these occur, and what was the result of the disobedience toward God?

A little round up of the first 11 chapters of Exodus first, eh? As we learned from Genesis, Joseph was taken as a slave to Egypt where he rose to be the most respected slave. No matter his adversities, he always came out on top. His family finally came down to live with him during the drought, and then this generation died. The Pharoah of that time and his generation had also died, so the king of Egypt did not know about Joseph and his family.

The slaves were treated very poorly, and they were worked very hard. The LORD had heard their cries all the way up Heaven, and He remembered His promise to their fathers. So the Lord commanded Moses and Aaron to go up to Pharoah to demand the freedom of God's people so they may worship Him. Pharoah kept making promises to them to let their people go, but God kept hardening Pharoah's heart so he would change his mind.

Why did God harden Pharoah's heart? I have a suspicion that He wanted to let Pharoah and the people of Egypt to suffer as the Hebrews had suffered under the hand of Pharoah. Also, God had a plan. That is why must trust, and not complain, when the world does not seem right. God is control of everything, and He has a plan for you and me. We must put our trust in this, while at the same time keep trying to do His Will for our lives.

Back to the summary. Each time Moses and Aaron would go to Pharoah to tell him what the LORD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob had spoken to them, Pharoah would ask Moses to pray for him to relieve him of any plague. Moses would do so, but Pharoah would harden his heart and not allow Moses to lead God's people out from Egypt into the desert to worship God.

In the final plague, Pharoah loses his firstborn and only son. Then he allows the Hebrews to leave. Then, of course, he changes his mind but it was too late!

Are we pretty much caught up to where I am? Good. I have thought about many of the situations that continue today, and I can see in every one of them the hand of God. How? Have you ever, EVER, seen the whole congress and senate turn on a dime? They did when they tried to push amnesty through in a few days last year, and the people of this country rose up against them. Is this because God does not care about the illegal aliens? NO! It is because we were filled with the anger and the will to correct what was being wrong to us. God also believes in Sovereignty. After all, He invented it. ;)

I would be interested in what you have to say (not specifically about illegal aliens) about why you believe God hardend Pharoah's heart, why Moses kept praying for him without first being out of the land of Egypt, ect. Thank you, and have a very wonderful day.
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