Monday, February 25, 2008

I've been attacked by a MIGRAINE

Ouch, that hurt. I have all the lights out, the TV is off, and the radio is on as low as it can possibly go. I cannot keep my eyes open, my head is consuming my inards, I have lost all control. I can hear each key as I type this, and I don't understand why they are screaming at me. I might as well through in the fact that my left wrist is killing me again. (I keep picking things, forgetting that this hand is still healing. Ouch!)

So today is another day for you to bail me out of this with your magnificant posts. Other than this? I am doing very well. Thanks guys, and do not worry. This only means we are heading into a real storm within three days. lol. Ouch.

Please feel free to post your work here. Remember to use Linkfest. If you do not what Linkfest is, please click on the blue badge that says, 'Linkfest Haven: The Blogger Oasis', and they will show you how you to sign up for Linkfest. Have a great day.

Update: Someone must be praying for me. It is now 9pm, and the pressure in my head is almost gone. I didn't even drink a cup of coffee yet! Whomever it is, thank you so very much (Debbie, Butch and Angel)

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

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