Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trust Me

As some of you already know, I am physically unable to make it to my Church. Therefore I watch two programs on TV on Sunday morning. Dr. D. James Kennedy* and Dr. Charles Stanley. It is amazing how different their style is, yet they both spoke on the same theme today. That message was Trust in God.

What I learned this morning, as a renewed theme in my life, is to trust the Lord. Trust what He has said in the Scriptures, but also to submit wholey to Him. When I ask God to fix something or someone through prayer, I must wholely trust that the right answer will be God's decision. Even if I don't understand it.

Why do I say this? Is this what was preached? In a way yes, in a way no. This is what I received in my heart. Maybe I am being convicted in my heart, because I do some of those things that were discussed.

When we pray, when we go to Christ, do we actually submit ourselves wholey and trust Him to do what is right and good and holy and just? Or do we stand there and discuss our needs, our problems, and our solutions to the problems that caused us to go to Him in the first place?!? I must admit, I am a debator.

I apologize for not being more equipped with words of wisdom. That is because I have stopped keeping notes during Church. It used to be a habit, but I know it all now. NOT! Next week I shall try to have a better discussion with you. Thank you, and have a great week.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I repent my stubbornness and arrogance when I pray for Your help for anything. I have not gone to the foot of the Cross and asked Jesus to grant me His Yoke. I am so ashamed. I know from experience that You always answer my prayers (whether I like the answer or not), and I know that You are faithful and forgiving, merciful and loving. Please help me to be a better stewardess of Your Word which You have entrusted me with so as to edify others. Help me to be a better, more loving Christian. Help me, most of all, to be better at praying for others. I need You, I lay myself prostrate at the foot of the Cross, and I ask You, Jesus, please may I have Your Yoke? Thanks You, LORD. In Jesus' precious I pray. Amen.

*Dr. Kennedy is deceased, but they play his recorded messages. I miss him very much. Rest in Peace, Dr. K.

Update: I just could not help myself when I saw this adorable flag as a symbol of my support for Israel. I saw it over at Woman Honor Thyself. You really should check out her site, because she has the most adorable little trinkets within her posts. I just wish I knew how she does all of it. I find one, and I have to upload it to blogger so they all come out too large. Humph. Oh well. I hope I will always have Angel to help me with these cute little things. ;)

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