Tuesday, February 19, 2008

News Round-up: RFA, Yon, Berkeley, GOE, HRC, MAF

I have gathered many articles which may be of interest to some of you in different areas of interest. Choose the links to the articles you'd like to read, and enjoy.

Radio Free Asia:

Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels.

Government troops in Laos have been ordered to shoot to kill ethnic Hmong insurgents in the country's northern jungle regions, with cash rewards offered for every "enemy" killed, RFA's Lao service reports.

A military official in the northern province of Luangprabang said the orders had now become an "open secret" in Laos. The orders apply to the region extending from lower Luangprabang to Xiengkkhouang and the northern part of Vientiane province, where the government hopes systematically to break up Hmong opposition groups by force. [Continue reading.]

Chinese Curbs Leave Uyghur Youth in Crisis.

WASHINGTON--Chinese curbs on the traditional Muslim culture of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have left Uyghur youth in crisis, according to experts and Uyghurs at home and overseas.

According to exiled Uyghur businesswoman Rebiya Kadeer, for many years the Uyghur people were able to preserve their identity and way of life under Chinese rule, which began after the demise of a short-lived East Turkestan republic in the late 1930s and 1940s. [Continue reading.]

Human Traffickers Get Free Rein with Burmese Migrants in Malaysia.

BALING, Malaysia—Burmese migrant workers in Malaysia live at the mercy of international human-trafficking gangs who sell them back and forth as slave labor with the full knowledge of Malaysian and Thai immigration officials, RFA's Burmese service reports.

Thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Burmese find themselves stuck in a human rights no-man’s-land after losing their legal status, often because employers withhold passports or refuse to pay their return airfares. [Continue reading.]

Please read this last one at least. These people, including Americans, are buying and selling PEOPLE. This has to STOP. (I have heard of American business people and scum people being involved in the trafficking.)

Sorry about being late with Michael Yon's post, but here it is: RUBs: Photo of the Year?

Here is another late one, but there are a couple more with it that are not so late.

Battle royal brewing at Berkeley council meeting. (This is 2 days before the actual event.)

This is in response to that article: Blue Star Mother Answers SF Gate, Some People Get It and A CLARIFICATION.

I have a couple of letters from people who would like to remember Tom Lantos.

Tom Lantos Dies at 80 and I would like to offer my prayers to those who've been left behind to carry on. G-d bless you.

Let us not forget Ezra Levan or Mark Steyn! I have a link for you to sign a petition to protect free speech, especially from these crazy muzilims. If you are a Muslim, and you are not crazy...THEN I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU. GOT IT? Good.

Greetings everyone,

Some time ago, you were concerned enough to sign the petition against the Human Rights Commissions which are currently attacking Canadian citizens right to free speech. I encourage you to keep reminding your friends, family, and acquaintances to sign the petition. It is imperative that we remain vigilent in the protection of our inalienable rights as free-born Canadians.

As you may or may not know, there has been a private members motion to gut the most objectionable section of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Click here to read more.

Just to let you know, the lady who interrogated Ezra has quit! YEAH! She was astonished that OTHER people (other than muzilims) would get upset when you start attacking our thoughts and actions which are TOTALLY WITHIN OUR RIGHT. That's what you get when you call yourselves 'Human Rights whatever' and you totally violate those right of others. Maybe the others will follow suit. Let's keep up the heat.

I just received one more article, it's actually a YouTube of (a Gold Star Mom) Debbie Lee's short speech to the City Council last Tuesday in Berkeley. You may watch it here. Hat tip to Mary Pearson at Move America Forward.

I will save the news articles I have from CentCom and the several articles I have about WMD and Muslims, the Brotherhood, and the ACLU until a later time. Don't worry, it won't be that long. I just think I'm plum running out of room! ;)

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