Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Results from Pakistan's elections

Today we finally have the results of the voting that took place in Pakistan yesterday. There is a little time lapse between Pakistan and the USA, but the news is out and it appears that PM Bhutto's husband will be the new President while Musharraf will be the Prime Minister. Musharref is already calling for reconciliation.
The Daily Times, Pakistan.

* President advocates reconciliation.
* Says polls evidence of commitment to democracy.

ISLAMABAD: President Pervez Musharraf on Monday promised to work with whatever new government emerges from the parliamentary elections.

According to AP, he told PTV after casting his vote that, “I will say from my side, whichever political party will win, who[m]ever will become prime minister and chief ministers, congratulation[s] to them on my behalf. And I will give them full cooperation as president.”

“We must come out of this confrontationalist approach and get into a conciliatory mode. I myself will remain committed to [the] politics of reconciliation with everyone,” Reuters quoted Musharraf as saying at a polling station in Rawalpindi for the PP-9 and NA-54 constituencies. Accompanied by his family, the president said, “Winners should show humility and the losers also should demonstrate grace. The trend of crying foul on results should end now.”

President Musharraf said it was vital that the next government stay in power for five years to ensure economic sustainability.

He also spoke highly of the role of the Election Commission of Pakistan for ensuring free, fair and transparent polls by taking necessary measures and providing the right equipment.

Polls evidence: Later, speaking with US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, the president said his government was committed to completing the transition to democracy, adding that the polls were evidence of his sincerity.

Discussing the political process and elections with Lee, who is in Pakistan to observe the elections, Musharraf said there was no conflict between the offices of the president and the prime minister.

During the meeting, Lee said she appreciated the president’s policies, especially for the empowerment of women and the promotion of a free media. agencies.
While women were supposed to be free to vote, I have to point out that many were prevented from doing so.
Women barred from voting in several areas.
Staff Report.

PESHAWAR: Electoral candidates of the provincial constituencies of PF-6, PF-7 and PF-8 disenfranchised women on Monday, claiming that Pashtun traditions did not allow women to leave their houses to vote.

A female presiding officer at the Khazana Bala polling station showed reporters an agreement written in Urdu that said, “We, the candidates for PF-8, announce a ban on women’s participation in the February 18 balloting, given that women had been barred from voting in the previous elections as well.”

The agreement carried the names of several PF-8 candidates, including former Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal information minister Asif Iqbal Daudzai. The PML-N, ANP, PPP and PML-Q candidates for NA-3 also signed it.

Similarly, women were also barred from voting at two polling stations in PF-6. A political party’s female polling agents, on condition of anonymity, told Daily Times that the candidates had verbally agreed to disallow women from voting. “We are only here to prevent women from voting, as there is an agreement barring their participating in the balloting process,” they added. Separately, through a verbal agreement, female voters of the Garhi Sherdad area were disallowed from voting in PF-7.

Panchayats (local village councils) in Mianwali and Sargodha also banned women from voting, Online reported.
Outrageous, but then again, how many times can one use that word before it loses its intensity?

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  • Please read these links as soon as possible, as I don't know if they will be there for a long time. I wanted to be fair to everyone. Since I do not know the names of each political party and their backgrounds, I cannot help in that area. I do know that Pakistan was well on her way to resolving the problems they have been having with India. There is a peace treaty in the works that no one is discussing, at least not in our media. I pray they continue on the path of peace. Many prayers are with this country to do the right thing. May God guide them, and may they listen to Him.

    OMG! They allowed a 7 year old to vote! Please read the Daily Times (Pakistan) today. You will find it interesting and informative. Have a great day.

    Update: There is a really good blogger who tracks what is happening in Pakistan. The name of his blog is The Pakistani Specator, and he has written "Pakistan 2008 Election Live Results on TPS." You will find here a much better description than I can possibly give of the mood of the people, the expectations of the people, and life in Pakistan. It is a very good site to have on your sidebar. Have a great day.

    CORRECTION: It is too up-in-the-air to tell if Pervez Musharraf even continue to be involved with the Pakistani government. Further updates to come...

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