Friday, February 22, 2008

Returning 'Home': FOB Falcoln, Baghdad

Pete Hegseth will be returning returning to Baghdad, Iraq, for a one week inbed with men who are on the ground creating a stable Iraq alongside their Iraq Security Force partners. He will be reporting back to us at National Review Online and Vets for Freedom. Here is the email I've received from him today:
Tonight I leave for Iraq, where I will be reporting-first hand-on the progress there. I will be in Baghdad at FOB Falcon, the base my infantry platoon called "home" for three months in 2005. For a week, I will imbed with local infantry units, walking and driving the same streets I saw in 2005.

My goal is to report on the conditions on the ground-militarily, culturally, and politically. I will also keep a close eye on the status of Iraqi Security Forces, as well as how American units are implementing the counterinsurgency doctrine.

I will be writing for National Review Online, and will also post to the Vets for Freedom Troop Blog. My first piece-marking today's two- year anniversary of the Golden Mosque bombing in Samarra-is already up on NRO. Click here to read it, or see the text below.

General Petraeus and our fellow troops have made incredible progress in Iraq, and this trip is just one small part of trying to get the word out. The main effort-our National Heroes Tour and Vets on the Hill-is still to come...don't miss your chance to be a part of it.

Moving Out to Draw Fire.
Be safe, my dear friend, and thank you for your service. You will be in our prayers as well as your family and friends.

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