Thursday, February 21, 2008

New ad aimed at Berkeley city council

This is an ad from Move America Forward in response to the Berkeley city council's decision NOT to apologize for their previous decision to kick out our Marines from their recruiting station. It will start to air Monday, but they would like us to post it, e-mail it to our friends and families, and just get the word out so they can raise the money to run a good and vigorous campaign. Any help you can give will be appreciated. Have a great day. ;)

Source: Move America Forward.

Update: Here is some more news on the Berkeley city council:

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates says he's still refusing to apologize for calling Marine recruiters "uninvited" and "unwelcome intruders" and told NBC yesterday that he doesn't want them in town.

The comments came in response to the new ad campaign by the pro-troop organization, Move America Forward, which is fighting back against the Berkeley City Council. At least one city councilmember, however, disagrees with Bates - she says the council needs to face the reality that they owe our troops an apology.

Watch the fantastic NBC report.
Ya know, I wonder what John Wayne would do?

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