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News: Pakistan, Vets4Freedom, MAF, CAIR, ACLU, Flight 93

Today's list of news items may seem lengthy, but I just keep getting more news as type! Some of these news items will be only a link, while others will be the complete story. Take the Vets For Freedom post. This one will always get full coverage. ;)

Starting with Pakistan: As we know, there were elections held in Pakistan last month and since then, very little has been said (to the best of the USA media, anyway). Today I came across this article on The Wall Street Journal, Opinion section by the name of Pakistan's Progress. It discusses the state of Pakistan a month after the election. There are also questions and proposed solutions and suggestions. It's a good read.

Next we have one of my favorites in which Vets For Freedom are going to kick-off a fabulous, three week journal that will be starting in San Diego, CA, and ending (for this Tour) in Washington, DC, on April 8, 2008.
Dear Vets for Freedom members:

The National Heroes Tour is upon us! Kicking off this Friday from the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego, our heroes will be touring the United States thanking veterans and families for their service and sacrifice. Our non-partisan message will highlight the military's commitment to success in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the incredible progress being made under General David Petraeus.

It has never been more important to ensure our fellow Americans understand what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. The surge is working, and political and economic progress is occurring; yet mainstream media is failing to tell the story. Our Tour will highlight local veterans and inform your community, local lawmakers, and media about the incredible bravery and sacrifice of our troops, and the progress our Soldiers and Marines are achieving.

As you can imagine, a Tour such as this, combined with our Vets on the Hill event on April 8, costs a significant amount of money. To help support the Tour, we've commissioned an Official Heroes Tour T-shirt and Tour Coin that are available when you make a donation to Vets for Freedom. The T-shirt is available for a donation of $25, and for a donation of $50, you get both the T-shirt and Coin. As always, your donations go directly to supporting Vets for Freedom's mission of ensuring that our troops have the support they need to continue to fight the Global War on Terror.

With sectarian killings down 90%, suicide bombings down nearly 70%, and Iraqis passing key national legislation, it's about time that everyone in Congress recognizes the success in Iraq; and that a safe, secure and free Iraq is critical to America's long term security. Join us on April 8 as we help educate our representatives. The trip is 100% paid for by the organization, and will only require you to take one day off of work.

Our brave troops need our support, let's do everything we can here to "Let them Win!"

Move out and draw fire!

Pete Hegseth
Next we have Move America Forward. Do you remember the disgusting behavior of the city council of Berkeley? Well, get a load of this!
Move America Forward will be making a major announcement this Friday, March 14, 2008.

The announcement concerns disturbing information we've collected after extensive research into the work of anti-war/anti-military activists.

We will be posting a report to our website:

In addition, we will be providing details for the news media at a 9:30 AM news conference at the historic National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Please check the MAF website on Friday, and when the details are up, help us spread the word on this important information.

Thanks so much!

Mary Pearson
Deputy Executive Director, Move America Forward
I highly recommend you stay close. These people are true patriots, and they are doing for us that which we would be hard pressed to do. Thank you, everyonne at Move America Forward.

Now to jump into the outrageous. This is not one of the blogbursts, but it ought to be!
Clinton Appointed Judge Sides With CAIR Against Michael Savage.
by Jay @ 5:36 pm on March 12, 2008.

CAIR can’t stand criticism of Islam or free speech. They launched an attack on radio talkshow host Michael Savage pressuring advertisers to stop advertising on his show. Savage was unwilling to play dhimmi with them, so he took them to court. (background here.)

Surprise! Now a lefty judge has sided with CAIR!
A Clinton-appointed judge in California is siding with the Council on Islamic-American Relations in a lawsuit by radio talk-show host Michael Savage.

Judge Susan Illston has issued a terse one-page ruling in the case in which she granted a defense motion for judgment on the pleadings with “leave to amend.” Although it was released only today, it was dated Friday, apparently finalized shortly after she held a hearing on the issues at hand.

Savage promised he would immediately take the case to the next level, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which he described as “an even more liberal court – if you can believe it – the most frequently overturned court in the United States of America.”

“What I may try to do is have the case removed from California, because I cannot get a fair trial,” Savage said on tonight’s program. “I may remove it to Alabama, for example, where maybe I could get a fair trial – maybe where there’s still America. It certainly doesn’t exist here in California.”

The San Francisco-based talker originally accused the Islamic organization of copyright violations but later amended the action to include allegations the group “has consistently sought to silence opponents of violent terror through economic blackmail, frivolous but costly lawsuits, threats of lawsuits and abuses of the legal system.”

The action in U.S. District Court in Northern California also accused CAIR of using extortion, threats, abuse of the court system and obtaining money via interstate commerce under false and fraudulent circumstances – calling it a “political vehicle of international terrorism” and even linking the group with support of al-Qaida.

The federal government, in fact, recently named CAIR, based in Washington, D.C., as an unindicted co-conspirator in an alleged scheme to funnel $12 million to the terrorist group Hamas.

The lawsuit was the subject of court hearing on Friday, and according to a report from the Associated Press, Illston said she was “leaning toward tossing out” the action.

She did say she was considering allowing Savage’s lawyer to submit a revised complaint to keep the case alive, the report said.

Savage’s attorney Daniel Horowitz said the copyright claim was valid because CAIR used Savage’s material “for purely commercial purposes,” but the judge said she found free speech arguments persuasive.
More here->>>.

I hope he appeals it as long as it takes to put a dent in this dangerous organization.

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I'm going to have to wait until I cool off for a while before I can address this. I know what I would say at this moment, and James 3:1-18 forbids it! That's my defense, and I'm sticking to it.

Now for another action by the ACLU:
Since New York Governor Eliot Spitzer brought the topic into the national discussion, I thought it would be interesting to dust off this oldy but goody. I know that some more libertarian leaning people actually agree with the ACLU on this, but I don't. It will be interesting to watch the debate in the comments.

Keep in mind that all laws are based on some moral code. That code isn't necessarily that of any one specific religion, but a reflection of the collective morals of the community and general public. It is my belief that issues like this one should be decided at the state level by the representatives of the people.

Also keep in mind that even in States where prostitution is legal it is regulated. The ACLU believe it should be unregulated. I think this is the most retarded and absolutist position that the ACLU has on this one. I don't know about you, but I don't want someone being pimped on the same corner my kid catches the school bus.

Not only have the ACLU argued before a federal appeals court that having a ban on federal funds to organizations that promote commercial sex work inhibits free speech, but they even advocate the legalization of unregulated prostitution themselves.

The ACLU's Policy 211 is straightforward. "The ACLU supports the decriminalization of prostitution and opposes state regulation of prostitution". They base their argument on several points, including that existing laws are discrimination against women, and the right of individual privacy. They argue that what two consenting adults in private do is their own business. However, when you also oppose zoning laws, and regulation you can hardly argue that prostitution is a private business.

As for it being a privacy issue, it seems a contradiction to me when they also state that the "public" solicitation of prostitution is "entitled to the protection of the First Amendment". "It's not just the bedroom that the ACLU wishes to make off-limits to public censure, but also the local street corner, presumably even if that corner is regularly used by school children crossing the street." Source.

And what good would it do for women's rights to decriminalize this? One could argue that women should not be punished for their own exploitation. But how does decriminalizing pimps, buyers, procurers, brothels or other sex establishments offer any solution to this? Decriminalization would do nothing but expand the sex industry and send a message to society that it is acceptable. And a system unregulated would do nothing for women's health, and would only promote the spread disease.

They don't belive in zoning laws, and do believe in fully legalalized, and unregulated prostitution. So there wouldn't be any law that could keep a prostitution house from being a certain distance from your neighborhood, your Church, or your child's preschool. This is especially disturbing when they think child pornography distribution and possession should be legal, and fight for convicted child molesters to live across the street from elementary schools and parks.

This is just one of many in a very long list of extremist positions of the ACLU.
Source: Stop the ACLU: ACLU Supports Legalized Unregulated Prostitution.

Next we have the Flight 93 Blogburst. This one is very near to my heart, no matter what it says. I was born in Pennsylvania. I grew up in New York State. I lived in New York City, Hell's Kitchen. Don't tell to get over it. I never will. 'Nuf said.


Blogburst logo, no accidentAlec Rawls did a 45 minute interview with Washington D.C talk-radio host Joe Ardinger Saturday night (3-8-08, Segment 3).

"It rips," says Alec. "We exposed a lot of the terrorist memorializing parts of the Flight 93 Memorial, and went over the clear proofs of intent that architect Paul Murdoch included in the design."

Joe's interests: "Ghosts, UFO's, The Lizard People from The Hollow Earth, Politics, True Crime, Conspiracies, you get the idea..." If he wants outlandish, the truth about the Flight 93 Memorial is tops, which could just make Joe the man for the Job.

Alec knows nothing about the Lizard People, or Joe's politics, but this issue ought to transcend all domestic divides, and for Joe it certainly does. "Very fun interview," says Alec: "Joe is a great host, and he says he wants to keep after this."

That's excellent. Thank you Joemericans!

(If Joe's 3-8-08 Segment 3 link ever disappears, there is a backup copy here.)

To join our blogbursts, email Cao (caoilfhionn1 at gmail dot com) with your blog's url.

I hope you have an opportunity to listen to this. It sounds very interesting. Have a good evening. Blogger is going to cut me off in about 30 minutes to do repairs. See ya when I can!

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