Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Europe awakening to al Qaida threat?

Word has it that al Qaida has its grimy eyes set on Europe as a target for its terrorist activities. This may be just speculation, or it may be real. Would you like to be the one in charge that has to make decision? What would you do? What if it was wrong and people died? What if it was right and people died?

Over at CounterTerrorismBlog, I found this article written by Olivier Guitta: Europe under Al Qaeda's triple threat. He wrote this for the Asia Times, and you may read it here.

He did, however, allow an excerpt of his piece to be written at CounterTerrorismBlog (by himself, of course, ;) ):

Last November, Gilles de Kerchove, the European Union's anti-terror chief, said that al-Qaeda was the biggest threat to Europe. To confirm this, Western intelligence services have recently established operational links between al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda in The Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) whose goals include striking at the heart of Europe.

Al-Qaeda has not made any secret of its eagerness to target Europe. Indeed, Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's number two, has repeatedly threatened Europe. In 2007, numerous al-Qaeda-linked plots were foiled in Europe and several cells were dismantled in France, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. In September, thanks to information provided by US intelligence, Germany arrested three members of an al-Qaeda cell that planned on blowing up the US military base of Ramstein and the Frankfurt airport.

For all of you who think we are not yet in WWIII or WWIV (as I call it), then please stay out of the way of the serious people. You may play your little games, of course you are allowed to do so, but not at the risk of others. Go away, hide under your beds so that no one can catch you talking on the phone to your Grandma (like the gov't has the manpower to that!), don't forget the tin helmets so the martians can't read your mind, and leave the rest of us alone. When it is all over, you may come out to play again. Until then, B., leave me alone.

Oh, did I get distracted? I have a person who berates me as being stupid and spreading hatred and fear because I want to be serious about this. Very annoying is the fact that I haven't written any fearmongering pieces! Have I written the truth? YES, and I pray that's all I ever write.

There is no opinion as to whether or not this country is at war. Just ask al Qaida! (They declared war against us in the 1990's.) There is only opinion as to who wants America to win and who wants America to be wiped out. People who choose the later, I have no time for you. Find another site, because I can become very intolerant when it comes to my beloved America. Oh crap, there I go again. This is the article he got upset about: News: Terrorism, Racism, Flight 93 Memorial. The terrorism in this case was the hot-spot in South America! (Columbia vs. Venezuela)

Anyway, now that that's out of my system, back to the news.

Europe has been on fire in France for a long time. When we first started to about the fires and then the reporting stopped, the fires did not. They continued for over a year. There is also the murder of the film-maker, Theo Van Gogh. This was in the Netherlands. What was this man's crime? He did his job. He created a film. The name of it is 'Submission' and it was made with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a refugee from Somali (from an arranged marriage). Yup. That's all it takes to inflame a whole group of people to desire death to everyone, including their neighbors.

The man who attacked and murdered Van Gogh is a Morrocan. The people were afraid to name him as a Muslim! For crying out loud, Van Gogh was MURDERED by this scum. You aren't afraid to point out that the ONE person who blows up an abortion clinic is a supposed Christian. What's up with that? Huh? NO! I don't agree with abortionalists, but I DENOUNCE HIS ACTIONS. TOTALLY.

This is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is a remarkably brave woman, and she has been under police protection ever since the release of the film she did with Van Gogh (did you know he was related to the artist?). They had/have both been receiving death threats, and the Prime Minister has declared this to be unacceptable. Well, bravo!

These people have making threats on people's lives everytime someone says, does, or writes anything they deem to be unfavorable to Islam. I can understand being upset. I do NOT understand what gives them to ban such things. Not in a free society. If they would like to preserve their religion in its entirety, which they certainly have the right to do, then maybe they should stay in a country who believes as they do. Just a suggestion.

Do they have the right to go to other countries? Of course! The fact is, however, they do not obey other countries laws and belief systems. WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER TO SHARI'A. JESUS CHRIST IS CHRIST IS KING OF ALL, AND HE RULES!

Maybe Europe will wake up and join the jihad against the jihad before it becomes another situation whereas we have to go in and bail their butts out of it again...

Source(s): BBC: Gunman kills Dutch film director and CounterTerrorismBlog: Europe under Al Qaeda's triple threat.

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