Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Radio: Stop the ACLU and Pundit Review

Tonight, at 6pm Pacific Time, Jon Jay will be on the Political Vindication Radio. Tune it and get ready to learn. Also, my friends Kevin and Gregg of Pundit Review have a radio program on Sunday's evenings from 7-10 pm EST. If you miss the program, they will have a podcast ready for you soon. They cover many topics, and they give bloggers are fair shot. They also have the last hour set apart for the "Someone You Should Know" segment. If you want an answer as to how our troops are doing individually, don't miss it.
Tonight we're talking with Jon Jay, the head instigator at Stop the ACLU.com! If your days are rosy and you can't find anything to be angry about, then it's time to go through the latest list of assaults by the atheistic brown shirts in service to the world-wide communist movement - the A.C.L.U. - the American Communist Leninist Union! Don't just sit there - fight back!

In the second hour we're going to talk about what Barack Obama and liberal racism have in common - and as a special bonus we'll be starting a petition to make our vote for Obama a taxable write-off against impending reparations! Remember, if you're ever in doubt, just ask yourself, "what would Uncle Jeremiah do?"

The chat room will open up 15 minutes before showtime, and we're looking forward to hearing your opinion about the great week the Democratic party is having!

Political Vindication Radio, Tonight 6pm Pacific time!
Call in at (646) 652-4598.
This is their homepage.
Now for the Pundit Review. Kevin has Someone You Should Know: Army Spc. Monica Lin Brown ready for your listening pleasure. That's certainly enough to give you a taste of their quality program.

They also write a regular blog. It is pretty intelligent, but they also have fun. lol. You should go see what they did to Spitzer! LOL. These are truly great guys. I am able to disagree with them civilly without fear of losing our friendship. It must be awful to be a Democrat...

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