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Three new sites worth reading

I came across these sites through my trackbacking. It really does pay off, because I ran into these really cool new sites. One of them has just entered the world of blogging, and is doing quite a remarkable job. His site is Tilting at Windmill Farms, and the next one is a religious site called Our Thoughts. The magnificant job that Fabio has done is to make his thoughts, which are religious in nature, appealing to all readers. Even if they are not religious. That is tricky!

The third new site (at least to me) is by Darrell Epp, and the name of his guessed lol. He is an eloquent writer, and he is also thought provoking. Sometimes he writes about politics, sometimes he writes religious things, and other times he writes about history. He just started blogging last November, so any readership you could send his way would be appreciated. Remember when we first started out? ;)

Let's start with a post by Tilting at Windmill Farms:
Christians Coming Under Fire:

A friend of my forwarded me a story today from The 2012 Apocalypse about Christians coming under scrutiny and possbile persecution from a government again. This time, however, it isn’t in China or one the Muslum countries who are going after the Christians. It is the government of England. According to an article published at, ‘the Children, Schools and Families Committee will “call Catholic bishops to account” for recent isolated attempts to re-install genuine Catholic doctrine on moral and sexual teaching.’ Yes, you heard that right. They want to stop Catholics from teaching Catholic values. Once again, they are asserting that if you teach children about abstinence and sanctity of life, you’re more dangerous than if you teach your children to become martyrs and suicide bombers. I could understand this attitued a little better if they were accusing the Catholics of trying to bring back the inquisition, but the only thing they’re being accused of is following a set of morals prescribed by their faith for their own personal lives. If that has suddenly become a crime, then i guess we’re a lot closer to global socialism than I thought.

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Now let us look at a post by Our Thoughts:
Who am I?

In my opinion, this is the hardest question one can try to answer: who am I? We all, one day or another, we have faced a situation where we had to say who we are. But, who are we after all?

This is a tough question, because it’s not possible to describe a human being only with a few words. We are much complex, full of qualities and flaws. We are unique. We all have different ways, different principles, dreams and feelings. And that makes it quite impossible to describe us.

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Now let's try a post by Darrell Epp:
Some Problems With Atheism.

“In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.”

–Sir Isaac Newton

I agree with him. If I take a moment to admire it, the way it grasps, the way it swivels and pivots through so many planes and angles, it also seems to me to suggest the handiwork of an intelligent hand.

Of course the prevailing view says that, no, the thumb is not the result of God’s handiwork, it’s the result of time plus chance, and millions of years of random mutations. I think that view requires quite a bit more mental gymnastics than Newton’s. Let’s turn the thought experiment around. Say an atheist and his friend were walking on a small uninhabited island. They find a pencil on the ground. The atheist says, “Wow, I guess someone must have been here, at some time in the past.” His friend says no, you can’t jump to that conclusion, the pencil does not prove that someone built the pencil and then left it on the island, the pencil is most likely the product of natural random forces, like wind, gravity, erosion, and plate tectonics. The atheist says that’s nuts, that for whatever reason, his friend is going to great lengths to deny the truth that was quite plainly staring them in the face. I think the atheist would be quite right in saying that. [Continue reading.]
Please leave a comment of encouragement. They are not receiving many (if any) readers, let alone comments, each day. These are bright people who we could really use on the internet. They can help keep us on our toes. They also have fun things on their sites that can lift us up when necessary. Thank you.

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