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Atrocities in-the-name-of abortion

As I was seeking research about the 15 dead in a gang shoot-out near the Mexican border, I came across this tragic death of a 15 year old child who died due to an abortion. I have the story for you below.

Dead at 15.
Teenager first mother to die from legal abortion in Mexico City.

Ten months after Mexico’s capital city legalized abortion for any reason before the twelfth week of pregnancy, the new law has claimed its first mother – a 15-year-old girl.

Vianney “N” died on Feb. 15 at Balbuena Hospital from a hemorrhage that occurred when her baby was being sucked out of her by the aspiration method of abortion.

“Authorities were worried about the public repercussions of this case, almost a year after the penal code reform was approved, because they think anti-abortion groups will use it as a battle flag to repeal the law without considering the numerous successful cases,” the Mexico City daily El Universal reported on Feb. 20.

The “successful cases” mentioned in the story include 5,845 unborn children who were killed legally by abortion in the 10 months since April 2007.

Proponents claimed legalized abortion would protect women from the inadequate medical and sanitary conditions of clandestine abortions. But, according to the Federal District Health Department, Vianney arrived at the hospital suffering from acute anemia two days before her abortion and nothing was done about it by those responsible for her care. So, when the hemorrhage began, Vianney’s situation rapidly deteriorated, and she died.

Another aggravating factor was that the girl was in her 16th week of pregnancy, way beyond the 12-week limit established by the changes in the penal code.

The physician who performed the abortion didn’t verify through an ultrasound exam the gestational age of the unborn child, as the abortion law mandates, nor did he check the patient’s general health status before the abortion.

The law that permitted the abortion applies only to the Federal District, which includes Mexico City. Last September, two very important institutions – the National Human Rights Commission and the federal Attorney General’s Office -- challenged the constitutionality of the law before the Supreme Court based on provisions in the Mexican constitution that recognize and protect human life from the moment of conception. The Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision any day now.

Source: California Catholic Daily.

This article was written February 22, 2008. I wonder how their Supreme Court decided? Has anyone noticed that their Human Rights Commission was on the side of life? I wonder what they would think about the mandatory abortion access that has been foisted on all Europeans?

Center Applauds Landmark Abortion Decision by European Court of Human Rights.
[March 22, 2007]

The European Court of Human Rights held on March 20, 2007, for the first time, that governments have a duty to establish effective mechanisms for ensuring that women have access to abortion where it is legal. The case centers on the tragic story of Alicja Tysiąc, a Polish woman who nearly went blind because she was forced to continue a pregnancy that threatened her health. "There are thousands of women who are denied access to abortions they need and are legally entitled to in Poland every year," said Christina Zampas, Senior Legal Adviser for Europe at the Center. "This decision means that the Polish government—and other governments in Europe—must take steps to make sure that women like Tysiąc don't needlessly suffer at the whim of doctors."

Read the Court's decision. (.pdf)
Read the Center's press release.
Read the Court's press release.
Read the Center's legal memorandum. (.pdf)
Read the Reuters article on the case.
Read the Guardian article on the case.

Source: Center for Reproductive Rights. (Otherwise known as the center for legal genocide).

How long must we sit silently by and weep at the loss of our young? Our most innocent, our most precious, our most promising? THIS is something worth protesting. You don't have to be religious to understand that this is wrong. This is a world-wide attempt to take control of all governments and all people. I, for one, refuse to capitulate!

So what can we do and why? You are concerned about your Social Security, eh? You have stood by while the next generation was slaughtered. I wouldn't say too much if I were you. If there's no money, it's because our children are all dead, murdered. There is no one to do the work. So, bring in the illegal aliens? HELL NO! Period.

We have opened our doors to our country for far too long, and we have learned (at least some of us have learned) that not everyone likes us. In fact, they want to KILL US, they want to take over our country. If you are too ignorant or too busy to see this or care, then shut up. What makes you think your voice matters now that your time has run out?

Am I angry? Yes. I am. This is one more child that did not have to die. Why didn't someone teach her that women do not have to have sex to impress a boy? Why didn't they teach her that if your boyfriend leaves you because you won't have sex him, he is a scumbag and you deserve better than that! Why are we not teaching our daughters the TRUTH? WHAT DOES GOD SAY ABOUT THIS? He is crying over every loss. Yet, if you had an abortion and are truly sorry, you may seek forgiveness from Jesus.

Yes, it is true. He died for our sins, all of them. He did not pick and choose which sins He would die for and which ones He would not! That feeling of guilt, that feeling of overwhelming shame, He can heal you. He will and He wants to. Just reach part of the way, and He will you up the rest of the way. But you must admit your sins to Him. Do not worry. There is not one thing on this earth that is left unknown to Christ! He is calling out to you. Will you answer His call?

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May God bless everyone, and may He heal our land and our souls.

Update: Here is a link for the other story I was researching: Shootouts in Mexico leave 15 dead, by MarketWatch.

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