Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bloggers beaten for recording 'peaceful' protesters

To arms! Rise up! This must not stand! Push back, push hard, and stand your ground. This is America, and I'll be damned if anyone is going to force me into silence! These are not 'peaceful protesters' or 'anti-war'. No. They are anti-Bush, communist, anti-free speech, anti-God, anti-family, hateful jerks. We must never allow our men to come home to this again!

Hear me, and hear me well. We have an obligation to these men and women who are spilling their blood for us to stay free. Whether or not you agree with any policy is none of my concern. What is of my concern is that you never lay a finger on me. You will be prosecuted. I will never let it die. I will bother the police and the Civil Rights Commissioners until something is done.

That is what we all need to do. If anyone lays a finger on you, that is a simple assault. If they do more than that, it is called battery or aggravated assault. These are felonies. As long as we allow the cops to do nothing, as long as Bush does nothing, as long as they can push the line of criminality to physical harm and arrest no one even though they themselves are the witnesses, then it is time we got up off our duffs and did it for them. Damn the paper work, full speed ahead!

What has me so heated this morning? I just read something that should never be allowed to happen in America and yet, the police do nothing but encourage it by doing nothing. Over at Jonn's This Ain't Hell, But you can see it from here, he received an e-mail from a friend telling him about the beatings his two friends and he received just for trying to record the event. The protesters are out in public, so they NO claims to privacy. This is our land, too, and we have just as much (if not more, because we are willing to fight for it while they are ready to surrender) to be on it as they do.

Check out this e-mail that he received:

The AAR for Saturday’s Iran-mobile counter in Meadville will be delayed. Our video camera has been confiscated by the Edinboro PD. We had a counter protest today in Edinboro. It was an Iraq war protest put together by Richard McVay. He was not present but there were about 10 college students, a couple professors and a group of Hillary supporters.

Anyways, Andrew went to the their protest site to videotape a couple odd displays they put up. They were beginning to get aggressive with Andrew simply because he was recording their protest. Jason and I went over to make sure he was ok.

Long story short one girl attacked me which turned into 2 girls attacking me. Jason pulled one off of me and then he was attacked and held down by 4-5 people getting punched in the head. Meanwhile Andrew pulled the other girl off me and then she kicked me in the head with a great big boot. I called the cops and while we were waiting on them the girl that kicked me in the head went over to Andrew(14 years old) and punched him right in the face. My 12, 9, and 7 year olds were standing across the street witnessing the whole thing. Here’s the kicker.

The cops watched the video at the scene and no arrests were made. One of the cops was very aggressive toward us. The girl later spit on Jason right in front of the cop and nothing was done about it. Amazing! Right now I have a huge headache and knots coming up all over my head. Jason has scratch marks on his face not to mention someone stomping on his glasses when they fell off. Andrew has a red cheek. So we’ll get a AAR for this event and Saturday’s maybe tomorrow night after we get our camera back.

If that doesn't get your blood boiling, then you are definitely reading the wrong blog! GO AWAY! Unless, of course, you've been through this before and have learned how to not fly off the handle. You can stay, because you've earned that right. Thank you for your service, btw. ;)

This really bothers me. We have to stop them in their tracks, before it gets out of hand. Every time I come across a story like that, I'm going to write about it. SO SHOULD YOU. This way, just maybe we could dust up the old dinosaurs at the press so that they will have to start reporting the truth about these commie traitors.

Keep writing. If you have to copy my whole article, DO IT. Just as long as the word gets out and around that this kind of treatment is going on and our cops are allowing it. I'm starting to repeat myself. I just want to make sure that this is stopped no matter how we have to do it (legally). For them...

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