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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Tease

I'm going to be working on my post for Talon over at Eagles Up! tonight. It is posted Tuesday, but I need to have it in by Monday morning. I say morning, because it gives Rurik, the Editor-in-Chief, time enough to go through it, let me know if I was able to keep partisan politics out of it, see if it makes any kind of sense for the readers, and all that jazz. He is a very gracious man, though, so it shouldn't be too one would think.

Last week? I couldn't get logged in to post my brilliant article which was riddled with partisan politics, LOL. That is why I am SOOOOOOOO not waiting until Sunday night, Monday morning to send it to him to check it out.

Eagles Up!This week's post doesn't have any politics in it, or at least it shouldn't. It will be about the Vietnam Wall. What about The Wall? Ah, you'll have to go to Talon either late Monday evening or Tuesday morning to find that out! hehehe. Hey, I've got to tease Eagles Up's new blog so more people will go and read the brilliant writers (besides me) and give them their due.

If you'd like to leave a comment, please go directly to the person's site who wrote the article. There are no comments and trackbacks as of now. This was a management decision which I agree with as per the explanation received. The names of the authors and their sites are on the upper right-hand side of the site. Please stop over everyday, because there is always something of interest for you. Thank you for all of your support so far and continued.

SNOOPER, e-mail Rurik! He's trying to reach you. Thanks.

This is an open trackback post. Feel free to put your best, funniest, or misc. work here. Share it with others. Not familiar with trackbacks? First, choose the article you want to promote. Copy/paste my permalink (URL) to your post. Then send a trackback to me. Don't have one? You can use Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger. Otherwise, leave a comment for me with the permalink for your post, the name of your blog, and a small excerpt, and I will add it to the list.

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