Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome to my new look

You may be wondering why I changed my style as I had a very nice one before, or so I thought! I asked my brother for his opinion on something I had been working on and lo and behold, my template looked awful! Where there were supposed to be spaces, there were none. Not even now am I able to bring back to their natural size some of my posts.

That is why I decided to try as many tricks as I could. I am now thinking about going back to wordpress. Why? I have had the *(&_*(&_* pleasure of learning three languages (at least) without so much as an instructor. I've had it. If I have to learn this language to bring my site back to its natural beauty, I might as well learn a language I've been wanting to learn. Not one that I'm stuck with.

Then again, I do like the fact that it doesn't take foreeeeeeeeever to write a post and pull up my site whenever I wish. Blogger allows me this benefit. This is also the place who gave me my start in blogging. I do feel a little devotion to them. However, they've gone over to the other side! That's right. They sold out to google! Google is one of those companies that censores Chinese bloggers. I want nothing to do with them. They have no devotion to me.

Would someone PLEASE help me decide? Are you willing to teach me WordPress? Oh, I already own a site with the same name, Rosemary's and Rosemary's I also have one at TownHall and vox. They both take too long, although I do like vox. They have something to do with MSN though. I need help!

Well, this is my rant for the morning. I hope everyone has a very fine day.

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