Friday, June 13, 2008

Budget Guidance May Include Cut to the Air NG

On June 2, 2008 the Heritage Foundation published a report indicating that the Air National Guard has been directed to cut it’s budget for the FY10 POM by one–eighth or 12.5%. The report notes that “ … this type of budget cut would be disastrous for the Air Force Guard … Specifically, a cut of this magnitude would emaciate the Air National Guard and its domestic homeland defense responsibilities, such as the Air Sovereignty Alert mission.”

During a time of increasing pressure, the Department of Defense must consider the efficiencies that are present in the Air National Guard. The report states that the average cost for an Air National Guard member is only $20,204 while the average cost of an active Air Force member is $73,630. O&M costs reflect the same efficiency. The total Air Force FY10 O&M appropriation is $40.5 billion. Of that amount, the Air National Guard will use only 14 percent of the entire Air Force O&M monies while still flying 41 percent of all Air Force air refueling tankers, 33 percent of Air Force command and control aircraft, 31 percent of Air Force fighters, and 30 percent of all Air Force airlift aircraft.

To read the entire Heritage Foundation report and view their sources visit the Heritage Foundation Web site here.

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