Thursday, June 26, 2008

From the Frontlines

Here is the livestream starting at 1 pm PCT, 4 pm EST (the link for Move America Forward):

Here is the link to HotAir. DIG DEEP! GIVE! Thank you. ;)

Update: It is 5pm, and you have already donated over $590,000! Now the goal is $1,000,000. Dig deeper or dig in the first place. This is for the Troops so they can receive Care Packages for 4 July 2008. Let's make this historic! Thank you.

Update II: 6:31 pm = $698,011! Call in at 866-866-6372.

Update III: 6:57 pm = $714,299!

Update IV: 7:31 pm = $837,997!!!

Update V: 7:56 pm = $910,006! Come on guys, we can do this! Let's reach that $1,000,000 goal! God bless you all so very much.

Update VI: 8:23 pm = $980,423!!!! HOOAH! Just one more push, baby, just one more push! ;)

If the computer is too slow, CALL! 866-866-6372.

Update VII: 8:57 pm = $1,055,719!!!! YOU DID IT! HOOAH! Thank you, and may God bless your families and you. This is the end of the web-a-thon, but they will be accepting donations all the way up until our men and women come home. Digg! Digg!

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