Tuesday, June 10, 2008

URGENT: Operation Love From Home

Today is June 10, 2008. That means we only have 4 days left to reach our goal of 5000 'Thank you' cards for our Servicemembers in Afghanistan. Please send whatever you can, even if it's only one card. It will be greatly appreciated.

Here is some information:

The Mission: To collect at least 5,000 "thank you" cards for troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The majority of the cards collected will go to a unit currently stationed in an extremely harsh and remote area of Afghanistan.

The Reason: Being away from home and living in harsh conditions with combat & constant danger is difficult ~ our troops need to know we have not forgotten them!!! Mail from home helps to keep our troops' morale strong, making a very real difference in their lives. It keeps them motivated and focused when they know we care about them!

The Address: Send your signed, unsealed thank-you cards to the following address:

Mrs. Kathy Orr

P.O. Box 1660
Loganville GA 30052

The Guidelines: Ø The cards can be handmade or store-bought. This is a great opportunity to get your Scout troop, school, church and other civic organizations involved in doing something to show support for our troops.
Ø Please do not write the date on your cards
Ø Please, no glitter on the cards. Because of the intended destination of the cards, nothing "shiny" should be sent for safety & security reasons.

*IMPORTANT: This is not a "dating service." Please do not send suggestive or otherwise inappropriate cards or materials. Please also refrain from making political statements of any nature. We will be reading and screening every card received to ensure that the above guidelines are adhered to. Remember: This is strictly to let the troops know that we love them, we are proud of them and that WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN them! If you have any questions, please contact us at LoveFromHome@Gmail.com or groups.yahoo.com/group/LoveFromHome.
If you would like to continue helping, you may by going to Operation Love From Home's homepage and on the sidebar press *Current Projects*.

I also have a link to an interview Kat had on the 104.7 The Fish FM, and here is the link: INTERVIEW. Please forgive me. It aired on the 5th of June, and I am just getting to it. Please don't punish our men and women because of my slowness. Show them that we really do care. After all, would you have bothered to read this far if you didn't care? If you didn't support them? ;)

Thank you for all that you do. May God have you in His favor today, and may He keep you out of harms way. Have a nice day.

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