Sunday, July 6, 2008

Batebi Is Free!

Many people may have never heard of this man, many have been wondering whatever happened to him. His name is Ahmad Batebi, his is Iranian who was leader of the Iranian Student Movement and an activist for human rights in Iran, he stands for truth and democracy, and he has spent the better part of 9 years in an Iranian torture for holding up the bloodied T-shirt of Ezzat Ebrahim-Najad, a fellow student, who had been beaten to death by the 'Basij' paramilitaries. I find it nauseating that the VOA-Iran could not find it within themselves to mention that Ezzat was murdered. Oh well. What we can we expect from the media anymore?

Ahmad Batebi was imprisoned for 9 years for telling the world the truth about how Iran tortures those who speak out about that regime they call a government. Ezzat Ebrahim-Najad, a fellow student, was murdered, and that is a picture of him on the T-shirt Batebo is wearing. He is now free! I first learned about Batebi through Committee to Protect Bloggers (CPB), (DEMOCRACY FOR IRAN)دموكراسي براي ايران, and The Spirit of Man. It would have been nice to have heard something, anything, about these many Iranians who are fighting for their freedom over in Iran, but all of their cries seem to fall on deaf ears. Well not THESE ears! Here are some of the articles I have written: Batebi's: Political Prisoner on the Run, 9/12/05,
Breaking News: Batebi Re-Arrested in Iran, 7/29/06,
EU Talks with Iran have come to an end (d'uh), 10/20/06 and
Evidence of Iran's Interference.., 1/31/07.

That is last information could get on him.

If anyone is in Iran and choses to have their voice heard without fear of the government, get in contact with me. I will post your words, and your name will remain private if this is your wish. I will, however, check the facts as best as I can, because I'm not a dupe either. Nor am I an agent for your government whom I despise with every fiber of my soul. This is a freedom of speech, freedom of spirit, freedom of thought, freedom of discussion without reprecussion site. I will not have anything or anyone jeapordizing that.

BTW, Iranian regime. If you try to do anything to this site or anyone who writes here, you had better pray I do not find you first. I don't two nickels about diplomatic immunity, and I will hunt you down. I hate you.

Back to the article. I am so happy for Mr. Batebi. Welcome to America, and may your life become free, full of dreams fullfilled, hopes realized, dreams come true that you could never have possibly dreamed before your freedom. Do not forget to thank God, the One and Only Creator of all things. You have been given much (freedom, life), to whom much is given, much is expected. Do not forget those who've been left behind. I know you won't. Welcome to your new home!

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can.

Source(s): Hat tip from The Spirit of Man: Batebi in the US and VOA: Iranian Student Movement Activist Describes Prison Torture and Abuse.

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