Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Huge weapons cache destroyed near Samarra


Press Release A080722a - 257
July 22, 2008

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces discovered a massive cache of weapons during an operation targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq elements near Samarra that concluded July 19.

During the 48-hour operation, Coalition forces discovered three weapons caches and two buildings believed to be used in terrorist operations. One building was assessed to be a classroom where terrorists learned to build car bombs. The building had diagrams cut into the walls showing how to install bombs in vehicles, and a “test range” outside, littered with car parts. Coalition forces called for supporting aircraft to destroy the building and prevent its future use in terrorist operations.

Coalition forces systematically cleared the area, about 90 kilometers north of Baghdad, which is known to have weapons caches and hideout locations used by AQI leaders. The caches contained 810 105 mm artillery rounds, numerous rockets and mortars, 50 rocket-propelled grenades, several anti-aircraft weapons, vehicle mounts and ammunition, as well as bulk explosives. Munitions experts safely destroyed all the weapons on site.

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